Elementary S03, Ep15 – When Your Numbers Up

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 15
Title: When Your Numbers Up
Original Air Date: February 19, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Our killer might be a homicidal maniac but you can’t say they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is.

* Joan: Is there something wrong with me feeling like this is home?

* Sherlock: The question remains: why go to so much work for the airline to pay her less money.

Synopsis: Joan is moving out of her apartment and back into the brownstone. A female tries to sell some jewelry. Later that night she gives a homeless man some food. Then she shoots him. Captain Gregson gets the case and calls in Sherlock and Joan. They also found the money on him. It leaves everyone confused. The equation on it is a formula used to calculate what’s owed to someone who sues, it’s what they are worth. The three go and speak to the man who created the equation. They interview is ex-girlfriend. Gregson lets them know that the tabloids have been notified as well. At the brownstone, Joan can’t sleep. Sherlock is in the basement beating the crap out of his dummy. He’s found some people who got cheated in a settlement. The woman who killed the homeless man is at a support meeting. She picks up one of the guys. She kills him and then because he smokes, she leaves a smaller amount of money with him. Both murder victims are beneficiaries of a plane crash. Joan does a final walk through of her apartment. At the station, there’s a big meeting from the airlines and police. The airline is trying to avoid paying the survivors family. The murderer is exercising when a guest arrives, it’s her sister and accountant. Her house is going to be foreclosed on. At the brownstone, Sherlock is analyzing all the passengers and their worth. Bell has narrowed the gun down a bit. Joan confronts Sherlock about renting her apartment. The Captain calls Sherlock. There’s been another attack but this time she survived. Her scene doesn’t give them anything. Sherlock is bothered that the shooter came in and left over a fence. The woman then goes on TV and she puts herself in a bad light. Sherlock continues to analyze the case. Sherlock now thinks that Ms. Powell could be the killer. He explains why he rented her apartment. He worries her reaction is because of Andrew’s murder. He just wanted to make sure she wasn’t over-reacting. The sketch comes through on Sherlock’s phone. It looks like Dana Powell’s husband. He died in the airplane crash. She’s now their number one suspect. Dana’s gone on a shopping spree. A radio announcer says that the airline is going to pay out the claim and everyone will be paid equally. Dana’s sister is at her house, upset that Dana didn’t let her know someone had tried to kill her. Her sister suspects that she is the killer. Dana is about to kill her sister when the police knock on her door. Bell arrests her and interrogates her. Joan points out that her husband had symptoms of a brain tumor and then bought a gun. Sherlock explains why she went for the fixed sum amount. Back at the brownstone, Joan shows Sherlock the basement. But once he enters, she uses a nail gun to seal the entrance. She comes in from the outside and explains she has turned it into an office for herself. It allows a balance.

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