The X Files S02, Ep05 -Duane Berry

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Duane Berry
Original Air Date: October 14, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Duane: I’m not crazy doc. Duane Berry’s not like these other guys.

* Duane: How could you ever know what Duane Berry’s been through? How could anyone know?

* Scully: Duane Berry is not what he thinks he is.

* Mulder: I gotta know. Are you making any of this up?

* Mulder: I believed him.
Scully: Sometimes when you want to believe you end up looking too hard.

* Scully: You think this was implanted?
Mulder: If it was, that would mean Duane Berry’s telling the truth.
Scully: Or some version of the truth.

*Scully: What the hell is this thing Mulder? It’s as if somebody was using it to catalog him.

Synopsis: A dog is eating in someone’s house. It’s got plastic everywhere as the dog walks around. A guy is laying in bed asleep but the tv is on. It suddenly goes all staticky. Weird shapes outside the window get the dogs attention. Suddenly, he wakes up unable to breathe. There’re lots of aliens all around and bright lights. He screams and screams, and the dog run outside. It’s now present day and the man is in a psychiatric facility. He meets with his doctor. He’s worried the aliens are coming back for him again. He runs out of the doctors’ office and attacks a guard. He gets the guards gun. He takes the doctor hostage to escape. Krycheck is at a pool to get Mulder. Mulder is wanted to assist with a hostage situation. The two go to the control center. Mulder gets briefed. He’s now at a travel agency with the doctor and two other hostages. Mulder requests information about the man’s abductions. At the travel agency, Duane is unraveling. Mulder calls him to talk. He doesn’t get anywhere following the FBI’s script. He hangs up and Mulder finally gets some truth about the man. Mulder rewrites the script. Scully sees the news as Mulder calls her. He asks her to get some background on Duane. The power goes out at the control center. Everyone becomes concerned. There’s a very strong and bright white light. Duane starts shooting. They set Mulder up to go in as an EMT. Mulder starts talking with Duane, telling him all he knows to be true about alien abductions. He lets the man who was shot leave, but Mulder has to stay. Mulder tells Duane about his sister’s abduction. He then just starts asking question after question to try and get information from him about what happens when he’s taken. He finally starts to answer some of the questions and tell him everything that happens when he’s abducted. Meanwhile, the command center is trying to drill some holes in the wall to see what’s going on. Scully calls and tells Krycheck that Mulder is in extreme danger being in the same space as Duane Berry. Duane starts connecting to Mulder. The team gets a camera into the room so they can see what’s going on. Scully flies down to the command center. She speaks to the woman in charge. She goes into great detail about his mental state and a shooting that he was involved in. He had a brain injury due to being shot in the head. It’s turned him into a pathological liar. Mulder makes Duane tell him what he wants. He wants to go back to where he was first abducted. Scully tells Mulder over the microphone what actually happened. She’s able to get things moving forward again and gets the women released. The HRT team moves in. Mulder now asks him forcefully if he’s telling the truth. Duane starts freaking out. Mulder tells him to go lock the door, that it was left unlocked when the women left. He walks to the door and the red dot appears. Suddenly, there’s a lot of commotion and it goes black. Duane’s been shot. He’s loaded in an ambulance. Scully makes sure Mulder is ok. Mulder goes to the hospital to speak with the team leader. She thanks him, he was expecting a reprimand. She looked into what happened and found he was left for dead in very mysterious circumstances. She also tells him the doctors found pieces of metal in the three places he said they were. Drill holes in the teeth were also confirmed. She wanted Mulder to know the truth. In their basement office, they examine a piece of metal removed from Duane Berry. Scully takes the metal to be analyzed. When it’s magnified it’s got some kind of etching on it. That night Scully is at the market checking out. After the cashier walks away, she takes out the piece of metal and runs it over the scanner. It triggers, and all kinds of numbers start going on the screen. It doesn’t stop going crazy. Duane is in the hospital, still unconscious. But suddenly he wakes and the room is filled with light and aliens. He pulls everything off and breaks out with a fire extinguisher. Scully calls Mulder from her apartment and tells Mulder what happened at the market. She’s freaked out. She hears a sound and finds Duane Berry outside her window. He takes her as she screams for Mulder. It’s all on the answering machine….to be continued.

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