The X Files S02, Ep04 – Sleepless

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Sleepless
Original Air Date: October 7, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I don’t want you to take this personally, but I work alone,

* Mulder: So it’s actually possible to alter someone’s dreams?
Doctor: In theory, yes.

* Scully: It’s as if his body believed that is was burning.

* CI: The truth is still out there, and it’s never been more dangerous.

* Scully: Are you suggesting that Cole killed those people with telepathic images?

* Mulder: I think that Cole possesses the psychic ability to manipulate sounds and images that are so convincing they can kill.

Synopsis: An older male wakes up on a couch to find smoke from a fire coming into his apartment. The whole building is being evacuated. When the fire department gets there, they find the man dead but no sign of a fire. Mulder opens his door to get the paper, a tape falls out of it. He plays the tape, it’s the 911 call that the dead man made. Mulder shows the tape and article in the paper to Skinner. He doesn’t decide yet. Mulder works on transcribing some audio first. Krycheck hands him a file. They are going to have to work together on it. At the FBI Academy, Scully is leading a class in the morgue. Her class is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Mulder, he wants Scully to do an autopsy. Mulder goes to the doctor’s facility. Scully calls, something is not right with the doctor. What she has found is evidence of exposure to fire. Everyone is a bit surprised. Another man is in his apartment, watching tv and getting tired. He’s got a scar across the back of his neck. Someone called Preacher pays him a visit. Preacher makes him see things. He kills him with a vision. The case comes to Mulder and Krycheck. This case links to the first case, Dr. Grissom. The two go to visit the last surviving member of the military group. When they get to his room, he’s gone. When you see the file, Cole is Preacher. Mulder gets a call from his new informant. He goes to an arena under construction to meet with him. He gives him a folder about a top secret project done on the military. Mulder picks up Krycheck and he tells them they spotted Cole/Preacher. They head to the scene. It goes badly and two officers are shot. They actually shot each other. Scully writes up a report about the procedure and the report Mulder faxed her. Mulder calls her and while they discuss her findings he suggests that Cole is able to manipulate what people see. Mulder and Krycheck go to see another surviving member of the squad. Scully is a bit jealous that Mulder is working with a different partner. When the two reach his place of employment he’s a bit jumpy. He tells them about the experiment and what they did. They all went rogue and murdered at will. They also learn of a second doctor. Mulder thinks he’s the next target. Scully calls Mulder, she’s tracked down the doctor. He’s coming to New York for Grissom’s funeral. They get to the train station to try and find the doctor, but Preacher/Cole is already there. Mulder spots him, but he appears to get shot. Mulder watches the surveillance video. He tells Krycheck his theory. The security finds a car that shouldn’t be there. Cole has the doctor tied up and instruments to harm him. Cole has created all the team members to kill him. Mulder and Krycheck arrive and hear the doctor scream. They first find his glasses. Then she see blood and it leads to the doctor. The back of his neck has been cut open. Mulder looks for Cole. He finds him. He just wants to talk to him. Krycheck shows up. Cole tricks him into shooting him. Mulder’s report has gone missing. Scully’s office is broken into and her copy is gone too. The Smoking Man is given the report by Krycheck.

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