The X Files S02, Ep03 – Blood

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: Blood
Original Air Date: September 30, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: There is no way to know who will be a killer or who will be killed.

* Mulder: You know Frohicke it’s men like you that give perversion a bad name.

* Scully: Mulder, I was wrong. Exposure to the pesticide does induce paranoia.

* Mulder: If you don’t put it down, I’m going to have to shoot you.

* Sheriff: Mulder, you know more about what happened to him than he does.

Synopsis: A man monitors mail being sorted at the post office. The machine jams and he gives himself a paper cut unjamming it. His supervisor lays him off, but lets him work till the end of the week. The machine he is entering zip codes on starts flashing the word “kill.” Then it tells him to kill them all. A group of people are on an elevator together. One man sees a strange message on the elevator screen, “no air,” “can’t breathe,” and finally “kill them all.” Mulder gets assigned the case. The lead officer informs Mulder of the three cases that has happened. Mulder looks at the suspects fingers and sees weird ridges on his finger nails. The postal worker goes to the atm to take out some money. A little girls nosebleed freaks him out. The ATM starts giving him weird messages. It tells him to take the security guards gun and kill people. But instead he beats up the machine and runs away. Mulder is stumped on the case. A woman goes to a garage to pick up her car. When she looks at the diagnostic machine’s screen it starts telling her all kinds of things, including to kill the man. She attacks him, kills him and walks away. At the scene, Mulder notices the machine with the blinking message. Mulder follows the clues to the woman who owns a car that was at the shop. Her microwave tells her to kill Mulder. She tries to stab Mulder and the Sheriff kills her. Scully does the autopsy. She finds some major issues in the woman’s body. The now ex-postal worker is out looking for work. At a store that has tv’s they start to malfunction. They tell him to go to the gun counter and kill people. Mulder is out jogging while he sees a truck driving around and throwing some stuff out of it. It’s bugs of some kind. He takes it to the Lone Gunman. It’s a fly of some kind. He also shows them the chemical and they are familiar. The LDSM is a pesticide. Mulder starts investigating the farms in the area. A low flying helicopter sprays pesticides and he gets sprayed too. The supervisor confesses that this pesticide is being sprayed. At the hospital, Scully tells Mulder he’s fine. He looks at the TV screen and sees a message. He thinks it could be a subliminal message. He’s realized that it is affecting people with phobias. The sheriff comes back. The spraying will stop and all in the areas will be given blood tests under false pretenses. The ex-postal worker is at his house and sees a commercial about the blood testing. When someone comes to his door he freaks out. Only a few don’t get the blood test. Mulder and Scully go to visit them. The ex-postal worker is first on their list. His house is unlocked and all the electronics are destroyed. Mulder finds the empty gun case. Mulder figures out what his fear is and where he is going. Edward gets on a bus and freaks out. The bus that arrives at the hospital, does not have Edward. The bus driver says he dropped him by the college. Mulder and Scully head there. At the college, he climbs the clock tower. Mulder sees where he is shooting from and heads towards him. It’s a long way to the top. Mulder shows him blood, he freaks out and he’s able to disarm him. Mulder calls Scully and gets a weird message on his phone.

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