The X Files S02, Ep02 – The Host

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Host
Original Air Date:

Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: I should warn you I’ve been experiencing violent impulses.
Scully: Well, I’m armed so I’ll take my chances.

* Mulder: It’s an exercise. Skinner is just rubbing my nose in it. There’s nothing to it.
Scully: There’s a dead body isn’t there?

* Mystery Man: Mr. Mulder I think you should you know have a friend at the FBI.

* Scully: I’m sorry. It felt like old times there for a second.

* Mulder: That’s good. I didn’t want to have to tell Skinner that his murder suspect was a giant blood sucking worm.

* Scully: Look, Mulder, I don’t know what to say but I wouldn’t betray a confidence.

* Mulder: You know that fluke you caught? It must have been the runt of the liter.

* Skinner: What do you do with it Mulder? Put it in a zoo? It killed two people.

* Skinner: I know. This should have been an X File.

* Scully: Is this seat taken?
Mulder: No, but I must warn you I might reek a bit of the sewer.
Scully: I’ll take my chances.

* Mulder: They say three species disappear off the planet every day. You wonder how many new ones are being created.

Synopsis: A boat is out on the Atlantic Ocean. One of the crew finds there is a problem with the toilets. He picks on the youngest crew member to unclog the plumbing. Something pulls him in and three men try to pull him out. They fail and he immediately yells for the tanks to be flushed to try and save him. Mulder is in a hotel listening to a wiretap. Another agent comes in to relieve him and send him on a case. He arrives on the scene. They take him to the body. He heads to Skinner’s office. When he storms it there’s a whole bunch of people in it. Scully finds him on a bench. He tells her he’s been thinking about leaving the FBI. Scully requests the autopsy and gets it. She finds some kind of tattoo on one arm. Some weird little silver colored wormlike thing starts coming out of the body. Down in the sewers in Jersey there are some workers doing repairs. A man is left alone in the water and he’s pulled under. The other man comes back and trhows him a rope. He manages to pull him out but he’s been injured. While he’s being examined, Mulder shows up. He’s told of the strange wound. The doctor has never seen anything like it. The wound has a center and five points. Scully calls and tells him abut the parasite. Then Mulder gets a weird call. When Mulder goes to see Scully she tells him it’s a flukeworm. There’s no other cause of death. He shows her the picture of the bite. She’s shocked. The man who got attacked in the sewer is preparing to shower. He’s brushing his teeth frantically trying to get a weird taste out of his mouth. But when he spits out the toothpaste some blood comes out too. In the shower he vomits out a flukeworm. Mulder goes to speak to the sanitation department. He shows him the flukeworm that Scully found. He’s not surprised. A man is walking on the catwalk above some of the water in the sanitation plant. He sees something that scares him. Mulder and the man in charge run out. He traps it and they actually see it. No way to describe it. Scully is working on her report and a newspaper gets slid under her door. It has an article about a bizarre accident on a Russian tanker. She realizes the writing on the dead man’s arm is in Russian. Mulder calls her. He takes her to a psychiatric facility where it’s being held. She is totally shocked at what she sees. It’s a scientific wonder. She shows him the newspaper and how she made the connection. Mulder gives Skinner his report. He tells Mulder the man attacked in the sewer died. At the psych facility they strap the flukeman to a gurney to transport it, but it escapes the straps. The Marshall pulls over to check the back for it. It hid and then it killed the marshal. It crawled to a port a potty and got in it. The next day some guy comes to clean the port a potty and he sucks the flukeman right into the cleaning tank. Mulder goes to the scene. He gets another mysterious call. The police office gets a call that the scent was tracked to a port a potty. He’s on the tanker. If it’s already been dumped in the sanitation plant, it will be trapped there. Everyone is watching and waiting. Scully calls him. She gives him bad news, it’s trying to multiply. The supervisor tracks the lines and they think it’s trying to work back out to sea. They head down into the lines to try and close and overflow gate. Mulder watches the water while he tries to work the gate, but he slips and falls in. He gets pulled under the by monster. Mulder tries to pull him out but he gets pulled back in. Mulder actually jumps in to look for him and the monster. He lets the guy go and tries to go through the gate. Mulder manages to pull the gate down chopping it in half. Mulder is back on the bench again and Scully joins him. He tells her about the second call. She’s got results on the fluke larvae. It was a cross between a human and flukeworm. It wasn’t made by nature but most likely exposure to radiation. It’s mutated somehow. The Russian freighter serviced Chernobyl. It was likely born of the radiation. We see the sewers again and the monster floats back up to the surface and it opens its eyes and breathes.

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