Elementary S03, Ep06 – Terra Pericolosa

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 6
Title: Terra Pericolosa
Original Air Date: December 4, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bell: Her first hidden corpse. You must be so proud.

* Sherlock: What do you think you’re doing?
Joan: I think I’m picking the lock again.

* Sherlock: Know your enemy as yourself, Watson.

* Sherlock: I’m training her.
Joan: To be what? A shut in?

* Kitty: What you did made me feel very protected and very loved.

Synopsis: Joan returns from Denmark. Kitty has brought back Clyde. Kitty gets a message from Sherlock. Joan tells her to let him wait. Kitty has made some friends. Sherlock persists. She heads to a library. The curator tells her about a robbery. Some maps were stolen. Kitty sees several clues. She discovers a dead body in one of the cases. Gregson and the crew arrives. He asks Kitty how she figured out the body was in the case. Sherlock thinks the thief was after a specific map and took others has a cover. It’s a map from the area. They go to speak to the granddaughter of the map owner. She’s not very put out about it. They now think that other similar crimes have been committed. Joan’s doorbell rings, she opens it to find Kitty with more of Clyde’s things. Kitty lets her know that other crimes were uncovered. Joan goes to the brownstone and finds Sherlock has essentially wallpapered with maps. He found a name that matches a map thief in history. He’s tracked down the real person and his location. The police have found him, but he’s dead. All the missing maps are recovered. Sherlock informs them that the map in question is a fake. The killer would still be looking for the real map. At the brownstone, Sherlock has found some history on the map and the atlas it was part of. He suspects that someone is trying to reassemble the atlas. Joan tries to negotiate with Sherlock to get Kitty a little social life. Sherlock sets up a meet, but Bell meets him instead. He gives Bell the information he has on the atlas purchase. Sherlock and Joan go to the law firm. They get an odd greeting. It’s the buyer and the atlas. He now wants to hire them to find the map for him. Sherlock quickly leaves the meeting and Joan follows to figure out what’s going on. They realize it’s not actually the map they are after but the information it contains. So the forgery is not an exact copy. They do have a photo of the original in black and white. Sherlock and Joan fight over Kitty’s ringing phone. She gets him to admit he’s trying to protect her. Joan appears to have won the argument. Sherlock stayed up all night comparing the two and can’t find a difference. He then realizes it’s the changes that have been made to the land. He could see that the river has change it’s course in one area. Based on the map, the Indian casino to be built is technically not on Indian land. The casino manager doesn’t want to cooperate. Kitty has video evidence that they are stacking the decks in favor of the house. He has a copy of the map too. He tells of a plan to switch another fake map for the other fake map. Joan looks at the model of the new casino and she gets an idea. They have the granddaughter come down to the police station. The trio lay out a nice and tidy plan. They have found the original map and it does have her finger prints all over it. The forger was telling the truth. Back at the brownstone, Kitty arrives home with groceries. Sherlock has his version of a heart to heart with Kitty. She admits she is also afraid. They put away the groceries. Sherlock subtly offers to act as a chaperone for her if she wants to date a man at the coffee shop who she’s been talking too. She accepts.

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