Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02, Ep 13-14 – The Manhatten Project

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 2
Episode: 13 & 14
Title: The Manhatten Project
Original Air Date: March 14, 2014

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Leo: What was that? I think my shell got knocked loose.

* Splinter: Your heart is in the right place. Perhaps it is time she knew the truth.

* Splinter: The truth must be told and it too will be an earthquake.

* Donnie: Butt cannons!! Run!!

* Mikey: Nice kitty. Let me see if I have some catnip on me.

* Splinter: Do not fear son, I am on my way.

* Casey: I don’t think I have a big enough hockey stick for that thing.

* Splinter: A ninja is never defenseless.

* Splinter: It’s time to find out if a cat always lands on his feet.

* April: I hope you have a plan other than getting shot at Jones.

Synopsis: Karai is trying to ambush the turtles. A battle ensues. An earthquake happens. Leo pushes her out the way has a brick tower falls. It lands on him. The turtles are concerned. Manhattan doesn’t ‘have earthquakes. Donnie suspects the quakes are not natural. Leo talks with Splinter. Splinter tells the turtles that Karai is actually his daughter. Shredder stole her. The guys are freaked out. Karai is back at the lair leading a meeting with the Foot as Shredder returns. He brought an assassin with him, Tiger Claw. Karai is not impressed. Shredder sends Tiger Claw and Karai to capture Splinter and the turtles. April and Casey are out on patrol and see some Kraang. April discovers a portable Kraang portal and takes it to Donnie. Raph and Casey jump in the portal and everyone else follows to rescue them. The portal caused an earthquake. They find a massive number of portals. In one they see the classic Ninja Turtles. Another has some strange Kraang robots and they prepare to fight. It becomes an all out battle. Some of the guys come back through the portal but others are trapped still. Tiger Claw introduces himself to the turtles. He attacks and the turtles retreat. Back in the portal zone, the rest of the team continue to fight for their lives. They pretend to surrender. Tiger Claw is still trying to kill the other three turtles. In the lair, the cheese phone is ringing. Splinter arrives to save his sons. He battles with Tiger Claw. The Kraang bring Donnie, April and Casey back to New York to feed them to something. They get away and discover some giant size slug-like creatures. The worms moving are making the quakes. These slug creatures are what is producing the mutagen. The Kraang tell it to attack the them. O the roof top, Splinter and Tiger Claw continue to battle. Splinter wins, but gets hit with a dart. Leo tries to get Karai to see the truth. Splinter recovers enough to free the three turtles. The other three are now running for their lives from the giant slug, but it appears to eat Casey. Back at the lair, Leo is bandaging up Mikey. Mikey rally’s the troops. Donnie and April get topside. They go to talk to the journalist who’s been tracking the Kraang. At Shredder’s Tiger Claw wakes up Splinter. Shredder comes to greet him. Karai stops Shredder from killing Splinter while he is incapacitated. Donnie learns from the journalist what the worm slug things are. April gets a call from Casey. He’s not dead, just stuck in the worm slug’s stomach. Leo arrives to help Splinter but gets trapped. Shredder takes off Splinter’s chains and in his weakened state is forced to fight Shredder. A massive earthquake hits and then a ton of fireworks. The other two turtles arrive and they get away with Splinter. Donnie and April go back for Casey. Donnie starts pelting the worm with salt. It then pukes all over them, but Casey is freed. Topside, Tiger Claw and Karai give chase. The battle again to give Splinter time to recover. Underground, the Kraang are trying to wrangle an even bigger worm. On the roof, Tiger Claw breaks Leo’s sword. In the sewer, Casey makes a diversion. Back on the roof, Splinter is fully recovered. Down below, one of Casey’s exploding pucks saves the day. Topside, the battle is interrupted by another earthquake. April figures out how to ride the slug. Tiger Claw, is about to end Splinter but Leo saves him. April bursts thru the ground on the worm scaring everyone. But Tiger Claw falls in the worms stomach. Donnie reverses the polarity on the portal and sucks everything back to Dimension X. Back on the roof, the Foot are gone. Donnie tells everyone what happened. The Kraang worm got sent to the Classic Ninja Turtles dimension.

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