Criminal Minds S02, Ep02 – P911

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: P911
Original Air Date: September 27, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Synopsis: A little boy is on a video camera and talking to it. An agent recognizes him. She gets her boss. They’ve seen him before and lost track of him. They make contact and discover the little boy is being auctioned. At the BAU, the team begin going over the case. As they ask about Agent Cole, she walks in the room and joins them. She gives them what information she has on the little boy. Elle arrives and walks right into Reid. Hotch doesn’t want her back yet, he doesn’t feel she is ready. Since she won’t go home, Hotch assigns her to Reid. On the plane, Cole continues to brief the team on “Peter” and what her department does. Hotch asks Garcia to analyze the video. Meanwhile, the agent who rediscovered Peter arrives at the BAU to work with Garcia and JJ. The team arrives at the chat room company with a search warrant. They are able to get all the chat data to Garcia. Agent Cole schools the chat room owner on his pedophile problem. Garcia starts digging and finds another child being held. They hit the house to rescue him. Turns out he wasn’t abducted but doing it to pay the bills since his father disappeared. Gideon profiles him and gets him to give up the password allowing him to be someone else’s hero. Back at the BAU, Reid and Elle continue gleaning more information about the suspect from the video. They ask him to help find Peter and ask for a face to face. The auction is down to 8 hours. Reid calls attention to the video as he puts a shirt on. Garcia recognizes the shirt. It’s for the Tadpoles a wilderness group. JJ spots a unit number and Garcia is on the hunt. Kevin, the teenager they thought was a victim, meets with the man from the chat room and the team arrests him. He’s the principal of a school. Elle charges to the scene and Hotch is not happy. He tells Elle and Reid to search the principal’s office. Reid finds a drawer that is locked. Elle easily picks it and hands him the laptop locked inside. Cole takes point on the interview. In Garcia’s office, she and JJ and determined the troupe number. Back at the school, He’s asked to unlock his laptop. The man panics. He finally gives Agent Cole the code. The man holding the boy realizes he’s in trouble and cuts the feed. JJ calls the press with an official story. The feed comes back up and now there is an hour left in the auction. Half the team goes to visit the man who ran the Tadpoles and the other goes to the elementary school. At both places they get the name Charlie Sparks. The auction is down to one minute. They go into analysis mode and start doing additional profiling. The auction closes. Back at the man’s house, he’s taking a sledgehammer to the room he built to break the boy out. Cole calls Amanda to pull the original file and the list of names who she interviewed as one was who has him. Amanda gives the names to Garcia. At the house, he puts Peter in a container and disguises himself. The narrow it down to a single name and head straight to his house. He’s loading the boy into the trunk of the minivan and preparing to leave. As he pulls out of the driveway the team surrounds him. Cole runs to the minvan and finds the bin. She finds Peter safe. Cole finds out that Peter’s real name is Dustin Powers and he abducted him at the age of 1. They find his mother. His real mother arrives. His mother goes in to see him. He introduces her to his soldier, Jack. Her name is Jackie.

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