Elementary S03, Ep01 – Enough Nemesis to go Around

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Title: Enough Nemesis to Go Around
Original Air Date: October 30, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: I’m really good at finding things.

* Bell: I know, that woman.
Joan: She’s going to ask me to adopt her isn’t she?

*Joan: There is no partnership. You ended it in that note you left me 8 months ago.

* Joan: The truth is you were right. I didn’t need you anymore. I still don’t.

* Sherlock: Don’t be sorry, be better.

* Sherlock: Watson try to understand. A detective only comes across so many locked room mysteries.

* Sherlock: I was afraid Watson. That’s why I left.

* Joan: I got into a baton fight with someone named Kitty.

Synopsis: Joan is having lunch with a woman who runs a cartel. She’s cracked the cartel. She’s had her book keeper picked up and now Elana is under arrest. Joan is now meeting with a new client in her new apartment. She’s solved another case as Bell calls. Joan opens her door to find a neighbor looking for a missing bearded dragon. She quickly finds him. Joan has to reassure a scared witness. Bell mentions that Sherlock has been with MI6 for 6 months now and there’s been no word from him. The witness that Joan just spoke with is dead in the elevator. Time skips ahead two months. Bell and Joan are still trying to figure out how the witness was murdered in the elevator. Elana comes in for a meeting to show Joan she is watching her. Joan is sitting on a park bench and sees a woman who she confronts. Her neighbors brother meets her. At the station, Gregson gets a tip about the possible murderer. Joan goes to the brownstone, it’s still empty. She hears a noise and finds Sherlock. It’s Sherlock who tipped off Gregson. She is pissed that he is infringing on her case. He gives her more background. They have a row. Joan is clearly still angry that he left. Sherlock stops in to say hi to Gregson. He apologizes to Gregson and lets him know he is no longer with MI6. He does not receive a warm welcome. Bell and Joan track down the suspect. He was there to hire an escort. Bell is extremely suspicious. The woman from the park is following Joan again. They each produce a baton and have a single stick fight. Joan wins. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock questions the woman. He is furious that she confronted Joan. Joan is back at the hotel and finds Sherlock in the elevator. He follows her to the room and explains it all. That he had a cache of herion and that he ran away from it all. But the more he goes into his apology the less apologetic it seems. Joan goes to the brownstone and finds Kitty at the door. Sherlock has a theory. The murderer used an electromagnet. He jammed four bullets into a panel crack. Then when the elevator passed, he flipped on the magnet to effectively fire the bullets. They bring the suspect back in for more questioning. He’s surprised to find what they have on him. At her apartment, Joan gets a call from Elana. She points her to a hit man. Elana gives her a veiled threat. Sherlock brings Joan hangers as a house warming present. Sherlock tells her the magnet weighed more than a ton, so the suspect could not have brought it in alone. Bell and Joan pay Elana another visit. They found the tesla magnet. It was hidden in the bench of the shower in his room. They arrest her and inform her that he went into witness protection. Joan arrives at the brownstone. He congratulates her. She lets him know that she has approved him to work at the station. She wants to know why he came back to New York. He alludes to their relationship as the reason for his return. Kitty follows her out and thanks her.

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