Elementary S02, Ep16 – The One Percent Solution

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 16
Title: The One Percent Solution
Original Air Date: February 27, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Are you mad that he’s stealing your act? Or annoyed that he managed to pull it off?

* Sherlock: He’s more than just an annoyance now. He’s involved in this somehow.

* Joan: Just so I’m clear, you don’t think your ex-partner helped plan a mass murder, do you?
Sherlock: Not wittingly.

* Joan: I think Lestrad just tried to recruit me.

* Joan: He lied to us. I want to know why.

* Joan: I know you’ve worked with Lestrad for a long time but it’s getting hard not to think of him as a straight up suspect.

* Sherlock: I think you’ve allowed yourself to become a bit of a fool, but in spite of that I can’t believe you’d allow yourself to become involved in a murder.

* Sherlock: So he views everyone he meets as a potential prostitute.

* Joan: So what is he? A serial indecent proposer?

* Joan: Why is the chicken outside my door?
Sherlock: To wake you of course.

* Joan: So now what? We own chickens, don’t we? I’m not feeding them.

Synopsis: A phone rings, but it’s attached underneath a table in a restaurant and it explodes. At the brownstone, Joan arrives home to find Sherlock with two chickens that he has rescued from a cock fighting room. Sherlock gets a text from Gregson. He and Joan head to meet him. It’s the bomb scene. They take in the scene. Lestrad appears on the scene, he works for one of the victims. He decides to start a war of words with Holmes. Joan gets a text from the hospital and is informed that two victims are able to talk. The three head to the hospital to interview the two. Sherlock and Watson get annoyed at Lestrad and break away to interview the manager. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock is watching video of Lestrad plagiarizing him. Downstairs, Sherlock and Joan do more analysis of the bomb’s location under the table. They take a closer look at the three who suffered the worst injuries. Lestrad calls and is stunned at Sherlock’s change in direction. Sherlock and Joan head off to see Lestrad’s boss, but Lestrad has beat him to it. Sherlock notices a book written about the Teton’s written by the man. The two go to the hotel and watch the security footage. They discover the mystery man is Lestrad. At the brownstone, they discuss this new lead. Lestrad shows up. He’s come to apologize. He also tells them that he has side affairs and he gets him hotel rooms to cover it up. He brings up the waiter again. Joan politely kicks him out. He tries to steal Joan away. She also snatched his phone. Sherlock has baked his thinking recipe. He also discovered that the now dead man was being investigated because he was planning a coup. Lestrad calls, he’s found the missing waiter. Joan goes to the station to meet with Lestrad and the waiter. He gives them a new lead. Sherlock spooks Lestrad at his place. He lays out the evidence against him and confronts him. He finally tells Sherlock everything. At the brownstone, Sherlock brings Joan up to speed. The next morning, Joan is woken by a rooster crowing outside her door. Sherlock wanted to show her thermal scans of New York. He’s tracked down the bomber. The crew stakes out the bombers house. Gregson informs them they got a warrant to go in. They find him in the garage dead. The bomb he was building killed him. Sherlock finds this bomb was going to a bio-tech company. Since he’s been dead over a week, he did not bomb the restaurant. At the brownstone, Sherlock keeps ignoring Lestrad. Sherlock is re-examining the injured again. But now Lestrad is at the door. He’s enraged because his bosses secret is out. The blackmailer wants stock trades completed. This new information has led Sherlock to the party responsible for the crimes. The three go tell Lestrad’s boss what’s going on and who is behind it all. It’s the woman who they interviewed in the hospital. He’d rather give her what she wants, but Lestrad informs him that Sherlock and Joan don’t do bribes. At the hospital, they stop Ms. Forrester before she escapes. Sherlock finally re-introduces the roosters to each other to see if they are going to fight or not. They are now just regular roosters again, no longer fighters.

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