The X Files S01, Ep18 – Miracle Man

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: Miracle Man
Original Air Date: March 18, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Samuel: You doubt the power of God ma’am?
Scully: No, I doubt the veracity of your claims.

* Mulder: I’ve encountered dozens of psychic healers in the x files but none like this. I think the kids for real.

* Scully: I was raised a Catholic and I have a certain familiarity with the scripture. And God never lets the devil steal the show.

* Scully: Is it your sister you think you’re seeing?
Mulder: I’ve seen her twice now.

* Scully: Mulder, don’t discount the power of suggestion.

* Scully: Imagine a miracle and you’re halfway there.

Synopsis: A man brings a small boy up to a body bag. Inside the bag is an extremely badly burned dead man. The boy says words over him and holds his hand. Suddenly, the arm moves and the dead man holds the little boys hand. Later, the man is in a tent church. But it’s a video that Scully is showing Mulder. Mulder tells her about his history. Scully hits play on the video to show Mulder why they’ve been given the case. The boy is trying to cure a woman of a brain tumor. Twenty minutes after the video ends the woman dies. The pair head out to Tennessee to investigate. Mulder and Scully attend one of the services. This is the first time that the boy, Samuel, will not be in attendance. After the service, they ask to talk to Samuel, but the Reverend does not know where he is. The speak with the sheriff. He tells them that Samuel’s gift might be fading as people are now dying instead of being cured. The graves are exhumed, but the ministry shows up. They give up and head into town, to a bar. Samuel is there. He’s drunk and smoking and he picked a fight. Mulder and Scully talk to him. Samuel reads Mulder. Samuel is arraigned in court. Bail is set. The court room is over run with locusts, but they are actually grasshoppers. At the hotel, Mulder shows Scully patient files of spontaneous healing. He thinks Samuel can alter the body’s electromagnetic field. There is a knock at the door. Vance (the burned dead man resurrected) has come to take them to speak with the Reverend. He invites them to see Samuel tonight in the tent church, doing God’s work. Mulder thinks he sees Samantha. Scully is concerned. That night people flock into the tent. Samuel doesn’t want to perform this evening. Mulder and Scully take a seat as the Reverend makes his entrance. Samuel comes out and starts his work, as Mulder chases after the ghost of Samantha. He tries to heal a woman in a wheelchair, but she dies. Scully pronounces her dead. The dead woman is the daughter of the coroner. He allows Scully to perform an autopsy on his daughter. Scully sees the side effects of a poisoning and that is what lead to her death. Mulder goes to visit Samuel in jail. Mulder tells him that she was poisoned. He then starts asking about his sister. He leaves. The sheriff puts two more people in the cell with him and he’s beaten severely. At the sheriff’s house, a deputy informs him that Samuel was killed in jail. The two go back to the courthouse. Mulder notices that grasshoppers are in the vent. On the roof, he finds a trail of potatoes for the grasshoppers to follow directly into the court room. Vance wakes from sleep to see Samuel’s ghost. Mulder, Scully and the sheriff arrive to arrest Vance. He confesses and speaks of Samuel forgiving him. Vance dies, ending their case. Mulder goes to Scully’s room and tells her Samuel is missing from the morgue. The morgue attendant tells them that she saw Samuel walk out of the morgue. He can take no more and goes home. The deputy shows up and takes him to chat with the DA. Mulder and Scully go back to the tent one last time. It’s being dismantled as they drive away.

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