Elementary S02, Ep14 – Dead Clade Walking

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Title: Dead Clade Walking
Original Air Date: January 30, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: How on earth did you make a career of working with addicts?

* Sherlock: It’s a collage, I don’t do crafts.

* Joan: And how exactly is your naughty pen pal supposed to help us?

* Sherlock: A perfectly good solution has to be chucked due to..
Joan: Compassion?

* Joan: It sounds like a really good episode of Nova but how does it help our investigation?

* Sherlock: I’d say our investigation just got a bit of focus.

Synopsis: Sherlock is using a drill on a skull in the kitchen. He gets a text and heads to help Randy. Before he leaves he meets Gay and she is helping Joan work on one of his cold cases. Sherlock meets with Randy. He’s upset over a girlfriend. She seems to be why he gets high. Joan and Gay head to the property where the cold case murder happened. The backyard is still the same. The rock is about 65-million-year-old marine rock. She thinks it’s an archeological specimen. Joan steals the rock and gets a friend at the hospital to do a CT scan. Inside the rock is a complete dinosaur. They head to a museum and show the scan to a curator. It’s an extremely rare dinosaur and worth a fortune. Back at the brownstone the duo continues analyzing the case. Joan discovers that there is a fleet of ice cream trucks that run in the winter and it links to the case. The Captain and the two stakeout the trucks and take one down as it does a buy. Turns out it’s Cuban cigars. They interrogate him and don’t make any progress. Several guys from customs come calling and takes the fossil, but the first pair were not real. They just stole the fossil. Sherlock and Joan go to visit one of his contacts. He learns of the magpie, the suspected smuggler. At the brownstone, Sherlock creates something to get his attention. As Sherlock prepares to drill a hole in the skull Randy texts him. Sherlocks loses his cool over the druggie girlfriend. Joan calls him with an update about his “bauble.” She thinks the magpie has taken the bait. Sherlock and Joan take the item to the meeting location. However, they find a dead man. The rock is also there, but it’s been smashed to pieces and the fossil destroyed. At the brownstone, Joan finds Gay passed out on the couch. Sherlock has also employed her. They discuss the KT boundary. This fossil could have proved that some dinosaurs survived the extinction. At that station, Joan speaks to a number of anti- Dead Clade Walking theorists. They ask for everyone to give DNA samples. All but one complies. They get a match to one of the people but he’s in a wheelchair. Bell informs them there are two sets of DNA but this man’s DNA matches only one. His lawyer provides an air tight alibi for the time of the murder. He’s been framed. In their kitchen, Sherlock has sliced up all the case files to eat it. Joan stops him. The next morning, she wakes up to a book in her bed. It has a map of the natural history museum. He’s protesting a skeleton he believes is a fraudulent dimetrodon. The curator comes up to them angrily. Joan calls him out for what he’s done. He confesses with a little help. Joan arrives home and gives Sherlock a package that was on the porch for him. As he opens it he’s interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Randy. He confesses to Sherlock that he got high with Eve and then ended things with her. Sherlock and he go to a meeting.


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