Ghost Mine S02, Ep11 – Shadows in the Drift

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Shadows in the Drift
Original Air Date: November 13, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: I can see Baker City from here.

* Kristen: I really want to see the hole the guys put in the mountain.

* Kristen: Are you really going to repel down there?
Patrick: Yeah.

* Patrick: Is that a voice?

* Patrick: Guys, there’s something in here with us.

* Eddie: I hate to say it but it sounds like people working.

Synopsis: The miners continue working the raise. They head back into to check out how the blast went, but instead the blast broke through the mountain. Dingus tells Jay to run back and get Eddie. He comes in and checks it. He sticks his head out of the hole and finds a tailing pile and a view of Baker City and the whole valley. That evening Stan and Kristen return from their trip. The whole team gathers around the camp fire. Stan and Kirsten tell them about Arizona. They guys tell them about everything that has happened while they were gone. When they discuss the hole in the back of the mine Patrick volunteers to repel down the mountainside for them. Patrick and Kirsten head into the mine to see what’s going on. Kirsten heads up the raise and starts getting spikes. They start an EVP session. The next morning everyone prepares for Patrick’s descent down the side of the mountain. He’s got camera’s mounted on him so that everyone can see what he sees. He begins to slowly go down. The video suddenly cuts out and communications are cutting out as well. Patrick gets to the bottom, his line goes slack and suddenly the video feed and audio feed are working again. Patrick finds another bulkhead. It also has a masonic symbol on it. The bulkhead looks like it’s been caved in behind it. As they leave the area with the bulkhead and the raise their tools start spiking again. They follow the tunnel and it ends in a cave in. Stan and Eddie think it’s a man-made cave in. Patrick thinks he hears a voice. Stan hears it too. Larry comes down and Stan and Eddie fill him in on what’s been happening. Patrick shows Kristen a lot of video that he shot. He reviews all the bulkheads they have found too. Kirsten sees movement on the video. It’s a shadow figure. They have an EVP of a foreign language. It’s sent off for translation. Stan sends Jay and Dingus to clear out that cave in. In the cook shack Patrick and Kirsten head over to talk with Stan about their new evidence. They show him the shadow figure. They try to impress upon Stan how dangerous reopening it could be, but Stan doesn’t want the guys to go home without a paycheck. They play the EVP for him too. The EVP translates to one word, “demon.” Patrick and Kristen request they use maximum safety procedures. Back at the cave in Jay gets tapped on the shoulder, but it wasn’t Dingus. Outside the mine, Patrick and Kirsten talk to Larry. They want to know if the portal had a bulkhead. Larry tells them a lot of wood and timber came out with water and shows them where it’s all at. They start searching it. Back at the cave in, Jay sees something and starts calling out, “hello?”

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