The X Files S01, Ep16 – Young at Heart

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: Young at Heart
Original Air Date: February 11, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: You did the right thing, Mulder.
Mulder: Did I?

* Mulder: I’ll get you, you son of a bitch!!!

* Mulder: Killing a salesclerk just to leave me a note? I’d say that’s going a little out of your way.

* Scully: You mean the ghost of John Barnett?
Mulder: I didn’t know you believed in ghosts Scully.

* Scully: I hope you guys brought your fine tooth comb I want every piece of lint collected and analyzed. If nothing turns up run it again.

* Scully: It’s the first time I’ve ever played the target.
Mulder: Well, let’s make sure it’s not the last time.

Synopsis: A man rolls around in a wheelchair in a prison infirmary. He hears a scream and follows the sound. He opens a door and finds his friend is dead. His life is threatened. But the supposed dead man blinks, he also appears to be missing a hand. Mulder and Scully get sent to investigate a jewelry store robbery. A lone gunman killed a saleswoman after she complied with his request. The local agent shows Mulder something. It’s Barnett. It was also the first case that Mulder caught. The evidence bag contains a note. Mulder is confused how Barnett could be back. He died in prison four years ago. Mulder has the note analyzed. It’s a 95% match to Barnett’s handwriting. The investigator reviews the video of Barnett’s capture and the case with Scully. At the office, Mulder just received a copy of Barnett’s death certificate. As Mulder leaves a kids football practice he finds his car door is open and photos of himself have been left on the driver’s seat. Mulder shows the photos to his friend, the agent. He doesn’t believe it’s Barnett, but someone messing with Mulder. While he warns Mulder to be careful Scully enters with Barnett’s will. Mulder meets with a sketch artist to try and figure out what he looks like now. He relives the memory of the trial. Scully interrupts his reverie. She pulled his prison records. She is confused that he could have died of a heart attack. His health records show now heart issues. They head to the prison to ask the man he left everything to in his will. He tells them about Dr. Ridley and how he took off his bad hand. He also wasn’t dead, he was blinking. A call comes in to their office and its Barnett. They talk and he hangs up before the trace is complete. Mulder calls Reggie and wakes him. He tells him about the prison inmate. Someone breaks in the house and strangles Reggie while he’s on the phone. He throws a note on him. Mulder tells Scully more about his friend. He points to the note left for him. The writing is analyzed again. It also matches the first note. Mulder walks back into their office to find Scully. The doctor who signed off on Barnett’s death certificate had not been a doctor in a long time. They speak to another doctor who knew of Dr. Ridley and what he had done. He lost his license to practice because he wasn’t approved to do medical trials, but he went forward with them off the books. Mulder thinks he is using inmates as research subjects. Mulder goes back to the artist. Scully is at her place typing a report and hears a creak. She hears another sound and goes for her gun. As she is going through her apartment she hears a knock. When she asks who it is, she hears a man say “Dr. Joe Ridely. The person who broke in sneaks back out. Mulder comes over as well to interview him. He tells them Barnett is the only one who survived. But he is dying as a result of his work. He admits he was able to grow a new hand for Barnett, but it’s not exactly human. He has a salamander hand now. Deep Throat meets with Mulder at a bar. They discuss Barnett. It seems that Barnett stole all Ridley’s research and the government is trying to buy it from him. At Scully’s apartment, her phone rings but she misses the call because she is in the shower. Scully takes her answering machine to work. She tells Mulder about someone who likely broke into her apartment. She had her machine printed and it had one of John Barnett’s prints on it. Barnett calls again and threatens to kill his friends one by one. They race to Scully’s friend’s cello recital. There is now a heavy FBI presence watching for Barnett. The cellist practices while it appears Barnett is tuning the piano she’s practicing next to. He takes a gun out of the tuning case and puts it in his pants. He shoots at Scully twice and Barnett takes off. He runs into the hall and takes the cellist hostage. He taunts Mulder. This time Mulder takes the shot and saves the cellist and everyone else. In the hall, Scully comes too. Her bullet proof vest saved her. At the hospital, Scully will recover. People try and save Barnett to find out where he hid the research. He dies. We see it is in a storage box at a bus station or airport.

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