Elementary S02, Ep11 – Internal Audit

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Internal Audit
Original Air Date: December 12, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Irony of ironies, our killer arrived just in time to stop Mr. Houser from shooting himself.

* Joan: Just because she said she was home alone during the time of the murder doesn’t mean she did it.
Sherlock: Nor does it mean she didn’t.

* Sherlock: Very few of us are either completely good or completely evil.

* Sherlock: Rare to come across such a literal case of someone shooting the messenger.

* Joan: Did you not learn anything from what happened to Bell? He got hurt because of choices we made.

Synopsis: At the station Bell is back at work. He still can’t use his right arm well. Joan brings him some ready to cook dinners. He doesn’t know if the damage is permanent yet. Sherlock is with Alfredo. Sherlock is trying to break into an expensive car and fails. They discuss what happened to Bell. In another location, an older man is drinking and watching a news show. He pulls out a gun. As he is about to kill himself he gets shot in the leg. But someone else comes and shoots him several times. A woman comes in later and finds him dead. The team is on the scene. It was his personal chef who found him. They speak with her. Sherlock informs Gregson that the dead man was about to commit suicide and was interrupted by the person who killed him. At the brownstone, Joan identifies over 1,000 suspects that could want him dead. Sherlock suspects the chef. Joan tells Sherlock Bell is back, but on desk duty. Joan goes to visit the chef. They clearly know each other. She was one of Joan’s sober clients. Joan tells her that she is going to tell Sherlock about their previous relationship because he thinks she is a suspect in the case. Joan speaks with Sherlock at the station and tells him about her history. Sherlock now leaves her and begins on the rest of the suspects. The pair go to speak with a name Chloe gives them. Mr. Houser did not steal from this man’s charity. Sherlock gets a call from an officer. He’s at a residence where Sherlock had left a voice mail. The woman is dead. She most likely was killed by the same person has Houser. Sherlock finds something on the door. He left sap on the door. They go to a park that contains the sap on the door. The park is full of skateboarders. Joan is going to chat with them regarding video footage they shot that could contain the killer. Sherlock goes to see Alfredo but finds Randy. Alfredo wants Sherlock to sponsor Randy. He is not interested. Back at the brownstone, Joan is watching hours and hours of videos shot of the skateboarders. Sherlock tells Joan he was ambushed and asked to become a sponsor but turned it down. Joan spots someone in the video she recognizes that connects to Chloe. Joan goes to Chloe’s and tells her about the person on the video. His name is Nelson and he goes back to her drug troubles. Chloe does not want Joan to tell the police about how she knows him. She is in a custody battle and does not want to lose her son. She invokes the confidentiality agreement. When Joan tells Sherlock about it he’s livid. She stands her ground. At Alfredo’s he awakes to the sound of the sports car’s engine revving. He’s shocked to see Sherlock sitting in it. They discuss what’s been going on with the case. As well as Sherlock being a sponsor. He returns to the brownstone early the next morning to find Joan working in the living room. Joan has not been able to find Maddox on Houser’s list of clients. Joan also got the video of Maddox released to the news. She thinks Maddox took Chloe’s laptop. Joan’s phone goes off, Maddox has been identified. Houser’s friend links him to Madddox and the art world. They investigate a gallery. Sherlock follows some scuff marks that he follows. His dead body is in the dumpster. Gregson found Maddox’s car and the gun used to murder Houser and Nunez. Maddox was a high-end drug dealer for gallery patrons. Sherlock thinks the gallery is actually a money laundering business. They head back to Weiss for a third time. He’s been embezzling money from his own charity. They lay out that Weiss hired Maddox to kill Houser to protect himself. Bell pops into Gregson’s office but instead finds DeSilva. He runs the Demographics Unit. He wants Bell to work for him. At the brownstone, the doorbell rings and it’s Randy. Sherlock agrees to be his sponsor.

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