Ghost Mine S02, Ep09 – Town-Wide Terror

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Town-Wide Terror
Original Air Date: October 30, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Duck: You heard it, didn’t you? Somebody’s’ in there.

* Kristen: What the hell is going on?

* Bucket: I don’t know if Eddie’s got something to prove but its Papa Smurf times two.

* Kristen: Honestly, my first impression of the Octave was that it looked like the opening to hell.

Synopsis: The mining season is now 2/3rds of the way done. They inspect the rise for stability. They send RIPA into the new space, but it malfunctions and Patrick loses control. RIPA is out of commission. So, the new drift is left as is for the time being. Greybeard and Jamol are working on an assay sample. Greybeard hears something and they promptly leave. Kirsten and Patrick analyze the data. Kristen notices something on the map. She notices a pattern. Kristen wants to investigate the whole town to test her theory, that the spirits are moving in straight lines. Greybeard determines there is gold. The investigators set up their gear in town. Jay’s son Ashton is going to help with the investigation. They start at the dredge with an EVP session. They get a spike at the dredge. Ashton calls and tells them there’s a figure above them. The two search but they cannot see the figure themselves. Ashton sends out a call for help. He is experiencing a lot of bangs. Around the fire, Jay tells the group about some of the stuff that happened in the raise. The miners think that it could have been wired wrong. Meanwhile, Ashton calls the two and tells them about some strange pixilation above the B & B. They go over to his station to see the footage. The end the investigation and the next morning begin going over all the footage. The glitch seems to go from the dredge to the mine. They check the mine footage and the glitch runs through all the mine cameras in order. The miners set up for the next day. They have a little too much fun with Dingus. Stan pays a visit to the investigators. He got a call from a mine owner in Arizona about a mine that has a lot of activity. Kirsten volunteers to go with him. The next day Eddie is in charge. Kirsten and Stan head to the Octave Mine. Stan is excited about this new mine because it can be worked all year around. They meet the owner, Adam. He tells them about the blue devil story. Getting into the mind is a bit treacherous. They get met by a Mojave rattlesnake. Stan is concerned about the condition of the mine. It requires a lot of rehab. Back at the Crescent work continues in the western tunnel and the low grade ore. The most recent blast does not go well. Mikey put too much powder and now it’s going to have be reinforced. In the Octave, they finally see gold. They hear a tapping sound as they are inspecting. Stan checks it out and finds nothing wrong. But Kristen thinks it sounds like the sounds at the Crescent. She is also getting a reading on the EMF. She takes photos. Everyone hears the sounds of rocks falling. They head towards the sounds to try and figure out what’s going on. At the end of the tunnel they find a cave in and some strange drawings on the wall. Kristen wants to do a more detailed investigation of the tunnel. Patrick meets with a geologist regarding the activity. He explains that if quartz is compressed in just the right way it will give off energy. It can also produce sound. The whole county is laced all through the area unground. Patrick meets with everyone and tells them about the town wide investigation. He shows them the video footage of the figure on top of the dredge. He then shows them the glitches. Eddie acknowledges the problems and then ushers everyone back to work. RIPA is finally repaired and they haul it up the raise into the tunnel. The video shows that the tunnel will require a lot of barring down. You can also see a quartz vein. As RIPA moves on the temperature keeps dropping. The video footage then shows a glitch. There is also an EMF spike. Patrick does a short EVP session. RIPA drives to the end of the tunnel and finds a bulkhead.

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