Bones S01, Ep16 – The Woman in the Tunnel

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: The Woman in The Tunnel
Original Air Date: March 22, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I just hope that she was dead before the rats got to her.

* Booth: Bones! You don’t just go running after guys in the dark!

* Bones: When you get invested in your work time has a way of getting away from you.

* Booth: What’s the value on this thing?
Dr. Goodman: Priceless. You can’t put a value on our cultural heritage.

* Booth: All of a sudden you know a movie.
Bones: Everyone knows that movie.

* Zack: She was only struck once.
Angela: Sometimes that’s all it takes.

* Booth: Mythical treasure vs actual jealous men?
Bones: That’s stupid.
Booth: Jealousy is the oldest motive for murder.

* Bones: It’s a valid hypothesis. No doubt one of many.

* Booth: I thought she worked alone.
Bones: Who’s running the camera?

* Bones: How will I know whether or not to shoot?
Booth: If you’re wondering whether or not to shoot, you shoot.

Synopsis: Bones, Booth and Zack are being lowered into a tunnel. When they get to the scene, what’s left of the body is being eaten by rats. Bones borrows Booth’s gun to shoot the rats. Bones notices a man watching and tries to chase him but loses him. They take the body back to the lab. At Booth’s office, he interviews the fiancé of the victim. She was filming a documentary on the underground society. They are shown a video and Bones recognizes one of the men as the one she saw. There is also a social worker. They visit the tunnels with her. Booth tries to interview Harold. Booth tries to arrest him and Bones stops him. Harold has Marnie’s video camera and Booth arrests him. In interrogation, Harold tells them he had not seen her in days and he found her dead and covered in rats. He believes that he gave her something that resulted in her death. At the lab, the team pours over the remains. Angela brings Bones sushi. Angela is worried about her safety. Zack reconstructed the skull. Among her remains are a coin. Hodgins takes it to Dr. Goodman. He thinks it’s valuable and merits reconstruction by Angela. Her scan shows it’s dated 1778. Goodman becomes excited. He tells Bones it’s a vault seal. He says several vaults are unaccounted for underground. Booth interviews Harold again. He confirms that coin is what he gave Marnie. He refuses to show them where he found it. Hodgins calls Bones and lets her know that Marnie was in a different tunnel before she died. She had diamond dust on her. The two talk to the social worker again. Back at the lab Angela recreates the skull injuries. Marnie was killed by a single blow to the head. Bones and Booth talk to a pair of guys who gave her climbing lessons. They chat with the fiancé again about things he left out. Booth things the motive is jealously. Bones asks Harold to show them where the treasure is. Harold take them to the perimeter. He points to the end of the tunnel. They follow it and find a cave in. Bones goes closer and finds a skeleton. They take it back to the lab and everyone, including Dr. Goodman, looks at the body. The body is from the civil war era. Bones asks Angela to talk to Harold and do a sketch of the blonde woman. Angela meets with him at the FBI office. She gets him talking about what the woman looks like. Zack works on the weapon used to kill Marnie. Booth comes in with Marnie’s footage provided by the fiancé. The footage proves the two climbing instructors lied about going underground with Marnie. Zack and Bones think the weapon as a climbing act. Angela’s sketch turns out to be a Rayburn per Dr. Goodman. He identifies the sketch as a missing painting worth over $200,000. Goodman gives Angela all the schematics that he gathered. She puts it in the Angela-tron. Goodman and Bones start narrowing it down. Between everyone’s deductions and inductions they find a way to get to the treasure. Bones is quite nervous and asks for a gun because she feels unsafe. They go through another tunnel. Bones possibly finds the missing piece of Marine’s skull. They both hear something. The duo catch them both in the act of stealing the contents of the vault. They make the arrest and learn her killed her all at once. Back in Bones office Goodman talks with them and congratulates them on the find. Angela comes in and announces that Harold is being released. Booth, Bones and Angela accompany him home.

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