Elementary S02, Ep10 – Tremors

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Tremors
Original Air Date: December 5, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: So, some degree of criminality is acceptable, the rest is just negotiating boundaries?

* Sherlock: Det. Bell is several standard deviations above the norm. I have always regarded him as such.

* Gregson: Be nice. It’s the smart play.

* Joan: For a genius, you can be a real nimrod.

* Joan: This is not about logic, it’s the right thing to do.

Synopsis: A man walks into the station saying he’s the knight and that he killed the queen. In the next scene, Sherlock is on a witness stand and he’s telling the story of this man to the court. Sherlock is on trial of sorts. He screwed up royally and this hearing is to determine if he and Joan will be allowed to continue consulting with the NYPD. He’s questioned about all the places he’s gained entry into. Back to the case of the man with the shot gun. Gregson and Bell try to interview him but Joan believes his is schizophrenic and suffering a psychotic break. One of Joan’s old contacts identifies the suspect. Joan, Bell and Sherlock investigate his apartment. Based on what was in the apartment Bell figures out the queen’s name and address. They go to her place. He finds her dead on the floor. Sherlock explains to the court that he did not believe Silas killed her because of where she was shot. Joan comes into the court to deliver a message for Gregson and he leaves with her. They go to a hospital regarding Det. Bell. His surgery didn’t go well and he may lose the use of his arm. He had a blood clot. Sherlock tries to be nice to the prosecutor but she is offended. They continue discussing Roda’s murder and bring up her cancer. Joan and Sherlock interview her oncologist. We learn that her life insurance policy was making payments to her against it. Her agent was James Dillin. Sherlock and Joan pay him a visit and it doesn’t go well. His alibi was confirmed. Back at the brownstone Sherlock goes over her autopsy report with Joan. Joan suggests testing the vitreous fluid in her eyes. She was killed by potassium poisoning. Sherlock goes a bit off the rails though. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is making Yorkshire Pudding. But he promptly throws it away. Joan is upset over Bell getting shot. The next day Joan is on the stand. She sticks to the story that Sherlock laid out on breaking and entering. Sherlock decides he wants to cross examine Joan. He questions her about Roda’s murder. Joan goes over the details and how that lead them to someone with a medical background. She determines the heart was destroyed with the shotgun to hide evidence. She was suffering from an enlarged heart and would have started to feel symptoms. It was a side effect of her cancer drug trial. It would have ended the trial. It turns out that her oncologist killed her. The prosecutor redirects. She asks Joan to tell what happened after they got the confession. Sherlock, Joan and Bell leave the station. They are approached by Dillin. He pulls a gun on Sherlock and Bells jumps in front taking the bullet. The hearing has ended. Joan goes to see Bell. He’s upset. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is too. He’s going overboard with single stick. She calls him out on his cowardice and guilt over Bell getting shot. Back in the courtroom the judge delivers his verdict. His recommendation is that Sherlock and Watson be terminated as consultants. The prosecutor invites Sherlock to go to a meeting with her. The commissioner goes to visit Bell. He asks him for his opinion about Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock finally goes to visit Bell. Sherlock tells Bell that the commissioner didn’t terminate he and Watson. Sherlock thanks him for saving his life. He also apologizes to Bell, in his own way. He tries to make it up to Bell by offering to pay for his recovery. But Bell refuses and exits.

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