Ghost Mine S02, Ep07 – Massacre at Hell’s Canyon

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Massacre at Hells Canyon
Original Air Date: October 16, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Duck: There’s somebody in here.

* Duck: Somethings going on. Let’s get the hell out of here.

* Stan: I’m not doubting you guys; it’s just here we go again.

* Jamol: I’ve been hearing a lot of weird noises in the mine and it’s creeping me out.

* Jamol: Dingus! There’s a fire!

Synopsis: The next day the miners start working. Greybeard announces there’s a fire heading towards them. They could be trapped on the mountain if they don’t evacuate. Stan makes the decision to evacuate. Now everyone is in town with their family. In town Patrick and Kristen chat with Stan. They inform him they are taking a trip to Hells Canyon to investigate a Chinese massacre. At sun up they head to the river to begin their trip. However, they are not allowed to get off the boat to investigate due to cultural respect. Back in town Stan announces the fire is out and they had back to the mine. Kirsten and Patrick begin their two-hour trip by boat to the site of the massacre. The miners are setting up a ventilation system so they can go deeper into the mine and still have adequate oxygen. The equipment keeps malfunctioning thought. On the river, they get treated to the history of the murders. The suspects were apprehended; however, they were released and never charged with the murders. In the mine Duck is hearing another group of miner’s work, but Greybeard doesn’t. They decide to exit the mine. On the river Patrick thinks he saw something. They disembark from the boat to camp overnight. The boat driver warns them about wildlife. At the mine Duck and Greybeard tell Stan they could hear other miners working. Later that night the power goes out. On Snake River Kristen and Patrick set up for a night investigation. Kristen gets an EMF spike, but there’s no electricity. Patrick gets a K2 spike. An EVP session is done in both English and Chinese. At the mine Dingus is working hard to try and get the generator up and running. In the mine, they lose air pressure while loading charges. Eddie exits leaving Jamol alone and he hears something. Back in the canyon all activity is quieting down. They attempt to follow the activity and are led to a ridge. Patrick sees movement. The pair head up the ridge and do another EVP session. In the rise in the mine the compressor is finally working again. They continue to build the charges for the next blast. The blast goes off and its big. In Hells Canyon, they are led to the base of a steep, rocky ridge. Both see a figure on the ridge. Patrick decides he’s going to free climb the ridge’s rocky face. During the climb, he knocks a large amount of rocks loose. He makes it to the top. Progress continues slowly in the mine. Jamol is mucking out the debris from the blast. Patrick and Kristen have returned to their campsite, but they are not able to sleep. The motion sensors start going off not only waking them up but scaring them as well. Patrick scans the area with the thermal camera but doesn’t see anything. However, there’s now sound and the motion detectors are going off again. Nothing attacks them but Patrick becomes ill. Mucking and work continues at the mine. The mucker starts having engine issues and it catches on fire. The mine fills with smoke. Dingus and Jamol are trapped.

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