Elementary S02, Ep08 – Blood is Thicker

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Blood is Thicker
Original Air Date: November 14, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I humbly submit she was a kept woman.

* Mycroft: This is the third time he’s stood me up.
Joan: Have you met your brother?

* Joan: This is one of those so many questions moments.

* Joan: Partner, remember? I can cover for you.

* Sherlock: Just because I tend to forego epicurean pleasures, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them.

* Joan: There was a precision to the attack that one might call surgical.

* Sherlock: What I want is irrelevant.
Joan: Pretty sure it’s not.

* Sherlock: You going to make me ask? Miss Tyler’s alleged flu, it troubled you.

* Mycroft: That can’t have been easy for you.
Sherlock: It was not unlike carving the words into my own skin.

* Mycroft: You are so different Sherlock.
Sherlock: You are essentially the same.

Synopsis: Sherlock and Mycroft fence on the roof. Mycroft asks Sherlock to again come to his restaurant. Somewhere in New York a delivery man makes a delivery. There is a loud thud. The delivery man drives away. We see a dead body of the roof of his delivery truck. Sherlock, Watson and Det. Bell are now standing on top of the delivery truck roof. Sherlock examines the inside of the truck. They find the location the truck was parked when the body fell. Watson points out the third balcony that’s missing a tree. It is indeed the apartment she fell from. They find the victim’s ID, she was from Texas. They speak with the apartment owner’s lawyer. They are informed Mr. Gale could not have committed the murder because he has been out of the country for over a month. Sherlock proves that the man in the video is a stand in, their heights are different. The next morning Mycroft wakes Joan with a phone call. Sherlock, again, did not meet him as planned. Sherlock has been searching out Mr. Gale. However, for the last six months all of his appearances have been by stand in only. Sherlock gets a message. He goes to a hotel where an entire floor has been reserved by Mr. Gale. The private security guards allow Sherlock and Joan in. They meet Mr. Gale, he’s quite sick. The victim was also his daughter. Joan looks at his chart, he got a heart transplant but his body is rejecting it. Back at the station Sherlock is informed that his visit prompted the Gale’s to fully cooperate. Sherlock gets a text from the morgue. She sends him off to eat with his brother and she heads to the morgue. In the morgue, Det. Bell has brought the victim’s mother. They allow her to see the body. She’s upset because her final conversation was an argument. She thinks she knows who killed her daughter. In Mycroft’s restaurant he and Sherlock dine. At the end of the email Mycroft gives Sherlock the keys to 221B back. They have a slight squabble over Sherlock staying in New York. Joan is back at the station speaking with Mrs. Gales. Mrs. Gales admits that her husband’s will was changed to include Haley and as a result greatly reduced what she will get when he dies. Joan points out that Mrs. Gales is a doctor and could have killed her. She threatens to sue and tells them that she told him to give her 20%. She continues to state that Haley’s money will now go to her mother as a result of Haley’s death. Back at the brownstone Joan informs Sherlock that the Gales have ceased to work with the police. Det. Bell calls and informs them that they finally got the identity of the last set of prints in the apartment. It was Haley’s on and off again boyfriend’s fingerprints. At the victim’s apartment Sherlock informs Joan that his father is displeased, per Mycroft. She is shocked to learn that she’s been being paid with the Elder Holmes’s money. They decide that if they do get kicked out of the brownstone they can find another place to live. Thanks to the victim’s DVR they track her boyfriend to the horse track. His alibi for Haley’s murder was that she had the flu for two weeks and a high fever, he had gone out to get medicine. His alibi checks out. Joan checks up on her blood donation 8 days ago. He confirms she was not sick 8 days ago. Suspicion now circles back to Mrs. Gales. Sherlock takes a call, Ian Gale has just died. Joan gets an idea. She thinks it may be about murdering Ian Gale. The Captain, Det. Bell, Sherlock and Joan head over to Ian Gale’s. He brings up the divorce attorney she hired, not to mention a pre-nup that gives her only $15 million. Joan then lays her entire plan out. Mrs. Gale took a portion of his new heart via a biopsy. She then injected some of it into Haley so she would then create antibodies to cause the heart rejection. The lab tech ratted her out. Haley’s blood is being rechecked as well. Back at the brownstone, Mycroft pays Sherlock another visit. Sherlock gives him a letter to deliver to their father. He explains to Mycroft that part of recovery is structure and that at this time staying in New York is the plan. They part with a hand shake. Mycroft sits at his restaurant, sipping wine. He takes out the letter from Sherlock, rips it up and throws it away. He makes a mysterious call and informs them that Sherlock has chosen to stay in New York. More importantly, it was trick, their father has no issue with Sherlock being in New York.

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