Elementary S02, Ep06 – An Unnatural Arrangement

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: An Unnatural Arrangement
Original Air Date: October 31, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I present to you the human condition in all its sorted glory.

* Sherlock: When it comes to cases there is no his or hers, there is partnership.

* Bell: You’re saying you stabbed McClendon because he was having an affair?

* Joan: I don’t want to solve it now. I wanted to solve it when it was unsolved.

* Sherlock: Inside you’ll find files on several cold cases. My cold cases. They are the handful of mysteries in all of my career which have eluded my powers of deductions.

* Sherlock: You might even succeed where I have failed.
Joan: Thanks.

* Sherlock: He killed them because he is your new partner.

* Sherlock: I’ve come to appreciate the premise of partnership.

Synopsis: Sherlock has taken Joan to see a bunch of men in a prison cell. It’s a game and she has to guess why each are in jail. An officer named Craig Baskin approaches Joan at the coffee machine and asks for her help on a series of robberies. Somewhere else a mother arrives home. She finds an intruder in her house. He is looking for her husband. She runs upstairs to her room. She grabs her gun and as he tries to get into her room she fires four shots. She calls it in. Her husband is Captain Gregson. When he arrives he heads straight for his wife. The crime scene team is working the scene. Sherlock and Joan arrives on the scene. Sherlock points out blood on the car. They head in to talk to Mrs. Gregson. While Bell interviews Mrs. Gregson it becomes known that the Captain hasn’t been living there for a month. At the brownstone Sherlock and Joan discuss the Captain’s situation and why he is being targeted. Joan has found about 20 suspects. However, Sherlock finds Dustin Bishop, who’s been sending him all kinds of spam. He’s been stalking Gregson. At the station Bell informs the Captain there were not prints on the car and his blood didn’t match. Sherlock and Joan go to Mr. Bishop’s to visit. He has Joan pick the lock when they hear water running. His walls are covered with articles about Gregson. They find him on the floor of the kitchen bathroom with a gunshot wound. Sherlock does not believe he was the attacker. He thinks he shot himself to try and take credit for breaking in. Bell confirms that the blood doesn’t match. A guy walks into his house, he’s then shot and killed by the same guy who broke in. The man killed is active military. At the station Joan sees Detective Baskin and lets him know that she hasn’t had a chance to dig into the files, but apparently Sherlock already solved it. Joan gets mad at Sherlock, but Bell interrupts the fight. Gregson stops by to talk to his wife. He brings up something that Bell mentioned. She insists he’s just a friend. They fight and it’s ugly. Bell, Joan and Sherlock meet with the dead man’s mother. Sherlock brings up the stab wound. His mother tells him about the stabbing and who did it. The man who lives across the street, James Monroe, was the actual target. Captain Gregson rushes across the street. When he doesn’t he breaks down the door. He is dead on the floor. Jacob Asparsa is the suspect. He’s being brought in. Sherlock stays behind, he realizes the Captain wanted to ask him something. The Captain confides in Sherlock that he thinks he’s lost his wife. They interview Asparsa. He demonstrates that he wasn’t winged by a bullet. A twist, the affair was with an archaeologist. The two go to visit her. She’s shocked by the death. She tells about a site she was excavating and that McClendon was assigned as security. Back at the brownstone Sherlock and Joan have another dust up. Sherlock informs her he’s learning about the site being excavated. Apparently, it sits on top of a copper deposit. The next morning Sherlock wake Joan with tea and bread. He’s got a list of artifacts. The site holds 9 temples. A bowl was missing and an identical one was in the archaeologist’s office. When they execute the warrant they find several items missing. They can’t prosecute her. Back at the brownstone Sherlock has brought out a trunk. It contains all of Sherlock’s cold cases. He invites her to try and solve them, leaving her speechless. Joan realizes something about the case. Dr. Roomey’s dog barks at men. They arrest her, her new partner is her now ex-husband. Cameron has confessed to his part in the plot. What gave her away was the barking of her dog. Her husband was the only man her man-hating dog did not bark at. Sherlock appears in Gregson’s apartment. He informs him the guy that has been visiting is clean. Sherlock points out that she chose the one man that would bother him the most to entertain. He gives the Captain some advice. Gregson brings her the man hating dog. He apologizes to her for the past. Back at the brownstone Joan opens the trunk.

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