The X Files S01, Ep14 – Gender Bender

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: Gender Bender
Original Air Date: January 21, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: It’s hard to imagine in this day and age someone having sex with a complete stranger.

* Mulder: The Addams Family finds religion.

* Scully: They better take care of their own or the man at the table is a dead man.

* Mulder: Maybe not everything is as black and white as it appears to be.

* Scully: What do you think?
Mulder: I think I want to see what’s in that cellar.

* Mulder: I know what I saw Scully. And I saw you about to do the wild thing with some stranger.

* Mulder: I think Don Juan in there knows the difference between the male and the female of the species.

Synopsis: The episode begins in a club. A woman makes a pass at a man. They leave and have sex. He dies afterward. After the woman morphs into a man. Mulder and Scully are called in they are informed of the woman entering but a man leaving. Cause of death: a blown artery. The victim also had extremely high levels of pheromones. This is the fifth in the series. He tells her about a group of people that live isolated. They are linked to the case because of the white clay under the most recent victim’s finger nails. The pair head north to research “The Kindred.” While talking to a merchant they make an appearance in town. Scully tries to talk to one about the horses. He does the hand massage thing that triggers a response. Scully is taken aback. The pair make the trek to the Kindred’s location. After and awkward meeting they share a meal with the Kindred. Back at the club the man who left the last murder scene is on the prowl again. Mulder and Scully leave Kindred only to sneak back. All the members are heading to a large barn. The man who was choking is dead. They are all going under the barn. As Mulder sneaks into the cellar the man Scully met in town finds her. He wants to help. A ceremony is going on in the cellar. The man takes Scully to his room and tells her that the killer use to be his best friend. Back in the cellar the dead man is being coated with a gelatinous glop. Back in the room he tells her about Marty, and barricades the door to show her something. The dead man is moved and everyone leaves. Mulder takes a closer look. Scully is informed that Marty was taken with her world and chose to leave and become one of them. Mulder explores the cellar. He finds crypts that are filled with hardened glop and some empty. Someone comes and he jumps into one to hide. He overhears that Scully has been discovered. But he also notices a body in the hole he jumped into and as he looks at it, it opens its eyes. Scully continues to press the man about the murders. He picks up her hand and does the rubbing gesture and tells her they are all different. He starts to be overly romantic. Mulder rushes in and saves her. When they exit they are met by all of the Kindred. Scully is clearly affected and winds up retching. Back at the club he picks another victim. Mulder and Scully are back in town; he gets her something to drink. So Mulder tells her about the holes in the wall and how it looked like the body was transforming from a man to a woman. Outside the club, ”she” was having sex in a car. An officer stops them and he survives. The pair interview the survivor. He said that she no longer looked like a woman but a man as she fought with the officer. Another office approaches Mulder and Scully one of the victim’s credit cards was being used just blocks away. They rush to the scene. They arrive too late. Scully gets hit on the head and the murderer takes off. Mulder persues and gets hit in the head. He sees the woman transform into a man. Scully comes running out and goes to the alley. She sees shadows. The Kindred have come to collect their member gone bad. Mulder calls her name and she gets knocked down. The Kindred disappear. They head up to the Kindred’s place. Everyone is gone. The place is abandoned. Even the cellar is cemented over. Out in the field there is a giant crop circle.

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