Elementary S02, Ep05 – Ancient History

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Ancient History
Original Air Date: October 24, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: What you are describing is not a case, it is a wild good chase. Only at the end of a proper goose chase you get to eat a delicious goose.

* Joan: Do you want to help me or not?

* Sherlock: I urge you to have some professional pride.

* Joan: You have not left the house in a week and you’re beginning to smell like old mimeographs.

* Joan: The head wound is the cause of death and the reason we have helmet laws.

* Sherlock: When the one that you love is revealed to have a dark heart, it’s well, it’s excruciating. I speak from experience.

* Sherlock: At present Mr. Hardwick is either very difficult to reach or dead.

* Joan: Captain Gregson wants a body.

* Sherlock: Alive again, why can’t anybody be dead today?

* Sherlock: Well, you’re right Watson. Honesty, unquestionably the best policy.

Synopsis: A motorcycle lay off the road with a dead man next to it. Elsewhere, Joan is shopping with a friend. Her friend would like Joan to track down a one night stand for her. She asks Sherlock to assist her and he won’t have any of this case. Sherlock instead takes her to the morgue to look for a case. He plays a game of chess with the coroner, apparently he wins, as they are checking out each body. Sherlock pulls out the body that was next to the motorcycle. Sherlock believes he murdered someone the day he died. They take the case to Gregson. The dead man was an assassin in Warsaw. Sherlock believes he garroted someone the day he died. However, Gregson doesn’t have a dead body or missing person’s report so his hands are tied. The duo meets with his wife. They learn about a senior care facility he was trying to open. He tries in his own to comfort the grieving widow. Back at the brownstone Sherlock gives Joan some murder stats. They cover more territory on the case. Joan leaves to go work on her friend’s case. Sherlock texts her about the case. They go to Travis’s office and see video footage. Sherlock reads the lips on the video and discovers that foundation was being poured that day. When Sherlock looks in the car he determines that Travis isn’t dead. He finds him across the street shacked up. He was spending the $25,000 that Leo gave him from a loan shark. They take it to Bell, Sherlock believes it was stolen based on the age. Bell confirms that they were from a bank robbery in 2001. It’s linked to a Gertz, but the US Marshalls can’t find him. At the brownstone Sherlock announces he has found him. Joan got footage for her friend’s case and Sherlock admits that he slept with her friend. Joan is shocked and angry. They go and visit the loan shark. It turns out that after he loaned Leo money a man from Bratva came looking for him as well. They call the Captain. A whole team is sent to the scene of the motorcycle crash. There are 45 casings. They find the Bratva henchman dead and partially buried. He had been garroted. In the basement at the station Gregson discovers Sherlock listening to bees. He found out that “Leo” stole a large sum of money from the Bratva and that is why he fled to the states. Bell and Joan go back to the widow with an update. Sherlock receives a call from the morgue. The garrote on his neck matches the wounds on Leo’s hands. Also, the dead gang member was under psychiatric care. Sherlock goes to the shrink’s office with Joan, he threatens suicide to see him. They ask about his patient. After laying out the facts the doctor tells them what he can. Bell leads the charge to meet with Zubkov. Joan doesn’t like the bulletproof vests. He tells them he was in the hospital Sunday night because he got stabbed Saturday. Joan confirms his story and brings the police photos. Sherlock looks at the photos and something clicks. His widow is brought into the station. They show her the photo of the tourniquet and that it was her drape. She sold her husband out. She was with the man who was garroted. When he was killed she was with him. She fired the shots that caused Leo to crash and also the woman’s death. Leo’s widow makes a full confession. Joan meets her friend Jennifer. She tells her that Sherlock called her and apologized to her. However, Joan is still upset with him and gets a little bit of revenge back at the brownstone.

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