Elementary S02, Ep04 – Poison Pen

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Poison Pen
Original Air Date: October 17, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: So Mr. Jefferies used his boss’s corpse as a dress up doll, but didn’t kill him.

* Sherlock: First time in my career someone’s alibi for murder is they were planning the same murder.

* Joan: You’re planning to harass a teenage boy while he’s mourning his father?

* Joan: That’s when you started writing Abigail. She was being abused and so were you.

* Joan: So she was your first?
Sherlock: Killer? Yes.

Synopsis: Sherlock is sparring. He is pushing self-defense again. Sherlock gets a call from a Dominatrix. Her client is dead. At the scene she tells Captain Gregson what happened. The dead man is a CEO. Sherlock deduces that the dad man did not put on the suit himself. Joan takes a closer look and determines its nitroglycerin overdose. Sherlock finds bourbon, he lights it on fire and proves it was nitroglycerin. Joan comes downstairs. Sherlock informs her the dead man was not into bondage and the suit could only be purchased in that size at one location. Someone deliberately murdered and humiliated him. Since the shop owner is not cooperating so they pull a bluff. The killer got the money for the atm in the store. They bring him in. He admits to buying the suit and putting him in it, but he was already dead. He did it to prevent him from getting his retirement bonus of $125 million. They interview Mrs. Delancy. The nanny arrives during questioning. Sherlock and Joan head outside to talk. He discusses a case regarding Abigail Spencer. This person is the nanny. She is brought in for interrogation. Sherlock does not believe she killed her employer, he thinks she is being framed. Back at the brownstone Joan questions how Sherlock recognized her. He admits that he wrote to her. They became pen pals. She did not recognize him because he used a different name. At Ann’s house Sherlock pays her a visit. When he reveals who he was she lets him in. They talk. She gives him a license plate number that was following her. She tells him she is afraid and would like to be his friend again. At the station it’s discovered that Perry had everyone in her husband’s life followed and investigated. Perry knew about Abigail/Ann’s history. Perry gives her alibi that she was having an affair. She admits she purchased nitroglycerin to murder her husband. Back at the brownstone Sherlock and Joan continue working the case. They discuss what Abigail and her letters meant to him and how she helped him find his true path, catching killers. The next day the two go to visit the dead man’s older son. He tells them that Ann and his dad had a big fight a few weeks earlier. Sherlock goes to Abigail’s regarding the video and possible blackmail. He then brings up her father’s murder and that she did it. She kicks him out. Joan is working at Delancy’s in the search. She picks the lock on a draw but it’s empty. Joan notices there are 5 air vents, which is overkill. She checks all the vents and finds a fake one. The missing tablet is hidden there. She tells him they found the tablet and it contains proof Graham was being abused by his father. They lay out evidence that prove Graham also knew of Abigail’s background and that from there he planned and murdered his dad. Abigail comes to the police station to check on Graham. She confessed to try and protect Graham. Sherlock speaks with her in interrogation. He tries to convince her to recant her confession. She feels guilty because she did not know what was going on. Later, Sherlock meets with Graham. He alerts Graham that he will be watching him. He gives him a way to contact him if he wants to talk about what happened to him.

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