Ghost Mine S02, Ep02 – The Lost Chamber

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: The Lost Chamber
Original Air Date: September 11, 2013

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Patrick Doyle: Paranormal Investigator
Kristen Luman: Paranormal Investigator
Jamol Eli: Himself – Greenhorn
Jay Verburg: Himself – Greenhorn
Larry Overman: Himself – Mine Owner
Stacie Sisk-Overman: Herself – Mine Owner
Jared Anderson: Himself – Heavy Machinery Operator (Buckett)
Edward Griffith: Himself – Job Supervisor (Fast Eddie)
Stan Griffith: Himself – Mine Foreman (Papa Smurf)
Keith Leingang: Himself – Drill Operator (Dingus)
Alexys Overman: Herself – Mine Owners Daughter
Dick Secord Jr.: Himself – Sample Specialist (Greybeard)
Richard Secord Sr.: Himself – Explosives Expert (Duck)

Favorite Quotes:

* Jay: It doesn’t make any sense. I know I saw someone walk past me.

* Mikey: One minute I’m walking into my heading, the next my grandpa’s there.

* Kristen: Well if it wasn’t time loss what could it have been?

* Kristen: We had an idea that there was maybe a magnetic field in the mine, but it was strange to find it concentrated in one area.

* Kristen: What we call the ballroom we think was actually used as a ritual room for masons, which they called the chamber of reflections.

* Patrick: There is a lot of energy that we can’t explain right now. Whatever we left last year is still in there.

* Jamol: Every time we break through a room or into a new chamber, something weird seems to happen. Ghosts or no ghosts, we’re gonna get that gold.

* Stan: This is gonna break us through and we’re gonna get a lot of money.

Synopsis: Kristen and Patrick go back in the mine to take a look at what the full spectrum camera has revealed in ball room. The markings look like roman numbers VI (6). The next day the new hand has arrived. It’s Eddie’s son, Mikey. The miners get working. The majority work in the western tunnel and a smaller group head to the eastern tunnel to clear the ball room. Mikey and Bucket experience a drop in temperature and hear knocks. The shift ends and everyone is believed out of the mine. Jay is worried about Mikey being stuck in the mine still, but he has exited. Jay saw someone in there. So Stan sends a pair in to investigate. After they checked the mine, they found no one in it. Stan goes to Kristen and Patrick and asks them to check their video feed to see if they captured anything. A camera glitch is discovered. The glitch moves through all the cameras. At nightfall the duo head into the mine. They check all the cameras. While checking the cameras they get some activity. The two head to the end of the mine. They both see a light. It leads them to a dead end with no one there. Patrick gets readings towards the roof of the mine. An EVP session is conducted. All activity goes quiet. The next morning it’s back to mining. Larry drops in and decides to increase activity. He wants to take some of the cameras from the investigators. But Patrick suggests trail cams instead and Larry is fine with that. The two set up the cameras at strategic locations, they are motion activated. Then they head into town and do research at the library. Kristen finally finds something. It could have been a chamber of reflection for people who are in the process of becoming a Freemason. Back at the mine Jamol is cooking while everyone else discusses the ballroom. They finally approve of a meal he has cooked. Jay learns how to drive the new mucker. Greybeard does a field assay to check for gold. The farther back they go the lower the amount of gold. Patrick and Kristen head back to the mine and discuss possibilities. The work day is over and Bucket and Mikey have not brassed out. So Stan heads into the mine to find the guys. He tells them they’ve been back there for six hours and they don’t believe him. They lost six hours. They think it’s only been one hour, but Stan stays it’s been six. Mikey talks with Patrick and Kristen to discuss what happened. At the cook shack they guys want to know what happened. While the miners sleep Patrick and Kristen head into the mine to investigate where they lost time. They do a camera test to see if they get time loss while in the mine. Oxygen levels are fine. The K2 meter is spiking in one area. Patrick pulls out a compass and needle is moving. There has to be a magnetic field in the mine. Kristen states the magnetic field explains Mikey and Buckets time loss. Now they do an EVP session. Patrick does several sets of knocks. He hears an echo. Kristen points out they have been sloshing around all night and haven’t had a single echo. The next morning, they go over the evidence with the miners. They show them the camera glitches that occurred when Jay thought he saw a shadow. Kristen tells them about how she saw a light and they followed it to a dead end. Next up is the time loss in the ball room. The compass is brought up and the magnetic fields are also discussed. Next, the EVP session is discussed. They play Patrick’s three knocks which are followed by one single long knock. Last but not least they show them the full spectrum camera photographs. The research and Freemasons are also brought up. The miners head back to the ballroom and ready for a blast. Kristen expresses her concern. This blast contains double the normal amount of power. The blast does not take place when expected. Stan or Eddie will have to go in and check it.

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