Criminal Minds S01, Ep13 – Poison

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Poison
Original Air Date: January 18, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “What is food to one is to others bitter poison.” -Lucretious

* Gideon: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” -Confucius

Synopsis: A father and son are driving down a dark road. He swerves when he sees a deer (his son did not see it). He then gets a flat tire and pulls over to change it. While changing the tire he starts hearing and seeing things. He attacks one monster and it turns out to be his son. A state trooper finds the car with him in the passenger seat freaking out. He sees the tire iron and then the kid badly beaten. The team watches a video of an interview with the father. He had ingested LCD, but they did not take it willingly, and it was 10 – 20 times the normal amount. Gideon believes they were poisoned. On the plane they discuss victimology and also the types of poisoners. Hotch and Gideon meet with the detective at the hospital and ask to speak with the father. As Gideon interviews him he starts beating his head against the wall. The analysis of the drug is that it was pure and laced with rohypnol. Hotch gets a call about a possible point of origin. It’s a bakery. The owner mentions one particular employee but he’s not at work or school so Elle goes to his girlfriend’s house. While she tells Elle what happened the boyfriend who attacked her calls. She goes outside, finds him and arrests him. At the station he tells them everything he knows and that she was on something. They deliver the profile. JJ interrupts to let them know there is a leak. The leak doesn’t name the restaurant and panic ensues. A large number of cases show up at the hospitals after the news. There is one legitimate case. Reid suspects ricin or something like it. Elle learns about a bank across the street. One of the victims was there. Elle and Morgan check out the security video from the bank. All the victims were there. The doctor confirms that she is suffering from botulism. She dies. We then see an office with a guy trying to fit in and people leaving for what appears to be a camping trip. At the station Reid explains how botulism works. Whoever the unsub is has to have a background in chemistry. The victim who died worked at a pharmaceutical company. Hotch suspects it’s a workplace killer. Elle interviews Miss Dempsey’s coworker. Morgan goes through the records of layoffs and downsizes. Garcia calls about someone who tried to patent a drug the same time Miss Dempsey tried to get a loan. They close in on him. He’s easily captured and brought in. Gideon and Hotch interview him. He wants his sons to know he created something good. He tells them that he contaminated the punch bowl. As he sits in the room by himself Gideon thinks something is not right. Reid thinks that the envelopes are poisoned. Hotch and Gideon think the punch and the candy were a decoy. They turn around to see the suspect dying in the interrogation room. But his game plan is not over. Morgan calls and tells them that upper management is on a retreat and Dempsey was organizing it. A full search is employed to find the group. When the team arrives all are suffering from symptoms. They get the antidote. On the plane back everyone but JJ and Hotch are asleep so they talk. JJ asks him why he joined the BAU and he says he wanted to stop cases before they got to his desk.

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