Elementary S02, Ep03 – We Are Everyone

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: We Are Everyone
Original Air Date: October 10, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: If you’re going to interrupt my coffee time you can at least make the questions more challenging.

* Joan: In other words, you plan on arguing on the internet all night.

* Sherlock: I weep for the whole desperate lot of you.

* Joan: I asked you about Irene yesterday.
Sherlock: Her name is Moriarty.

* Sherlock: I submitted to one recovery at your request, there won’t be a second.

* Sherlock: You’ve done your research on me. You know I get my man.

* Joan: I think it’s sad that you’ve given up. I think you have a lot to share if you cared it. I shouldn’t be the only one who knows you.

Synopsis: A man in the back of a taxi writes a message on his tablet. His card is declined and he freaks out. He sends a classified document and runs for it. Joan is sitting on a park bench with a friend, watching her kid play. Her friend signed her up for a dating website for six months. Joan arrives home to find a strange man in the house. He tells them he is worried about a leak being killed. Sherlock is suspicious and takes his photo as he leaves. Sherlock and Joan follow “Mr. Mueller.” He gets a response back; the man is Elliot Honeycutt. He works for a CIA front at Redding Enterprises. At the police station Sherlock and Joan dig deeper. The gentleman leaking information only used one source, unlike other leaks who usually use multiple sources. They speak with her, but get nowhere. Since they got no answers they stake her out. The dating website and love are discussed. A bag drop takes place at the security desk. Sherlock lifts the guard’s phone, clears the information off it and nukes it. The guard is affiliated with a hacker collective called “Everyone.” Joan wakes to find Clyde on her bed. Sherlock informs her he has found who is hiding Ezra. They go to her apartment and Joan picks the lock. Joan finds her on the floor, dead. Gregson and his team arrive. Back at the brownstone Joan gets a weird call about a model train set. The doorbell rings, they get a delivery of a stack of pizza. They have been hacked by Everyone. Sherlock and Joan go back to the station to hide. Sherlock goes back over the box of items that they believe was Ezra. They deduce he’s hiding in an unused bunker. They visit an expert on New York City. He has a list of the bunkers. Sherlock notices one bunker has not been decommissioned, it’s under a bridge. His phone still isn’t working so he gives a bike officer a message for Gregson. After hailing a cab, he and Joan are arrested by Secret Service. They are both released. Back at the brownstone Joan begins reading the 5,000-page manuscript. She is interrupted by the doorbell and it’s the man who she winked at on the dating website. With the strange changes on her profile he was worried. Sherlock tries to make peace with “Everyone.” The next morning Sherlock has made breakfast. He tells her of the head honcho in Everyone who got everyone to shut up. Tracked it to Dara O’Conner. His private plane is coming in this afternoon and then leaving for Venezuela. Sherlock believes the driver is Ezra. Gregson tries to arrest Ezra and he tells them if they do 14 innocent people will die. Gregson confirms the first and opts to let him go. As he leaves Joan grabs his wrist and gives him a stern warning. After the plane takes off Joan lets them know she stole his watch. If they can use the DNA from the watch to prove he killed Vanessa, they can bring him back. Sherlock goes to visit their client. He gives him an update on his progress. Elliot saves the 14 operatives and Ezra goes to jail for the murder of Vanessa. “Everyone” has restored everything. Joan is going out on a date. Sherlock reads a letter from Moriarty.

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