The X Files S01, Ep13 – Beyond The Sea

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Beyond the Sea
Original Air Date: January 7, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: If he holds true to form we have 5 days to find those kids.
Scully: Well, that’s a grim deadline.

* Scully: Mulder, do I detect a hint of skepticism?

* Mulder: Don’t get me wrong Luther, I want to believe.

* Scully: I thought that you’d be pleased I opened myself to extreme possibilities.

* Scully: It might be a cold dark place for you, but not for Mulder or my father.

* Mulder: No matter what don’t believe him.

* Mulder: Dana, after all you’ve seen, after all the evidence. What can’t you believe?
Scully: I’m afraid, I’m afraid to believe.

Synopsis: Scully’s Mom and Dad is visiting her for dinner. Scully fell asleep on the couch; she wakes up to see her dad but she can’t hear him. The phone rings. It’s her mom, her dad passed away. Now we are beside a lake with teenagers making out in a car. An officer knocks on the window and makes them get out. The teen realizes it’s not an officer. At FBI Headquarters Mulder is reading a file. It’s about the kids, they were kidnapped. They have about 5 days to find the kids based on previous cases with the same MO. He brings up a witness who says he’s psychic and can help, but doesn’t believe him. He’s on death row. Mulder has been requested to see him and Scully wants to go with him. Mulder exits the office and Scully pulls an X File on visionary encounters with the dead. At her father’s funeral his ashes are being scattered at sea with the song “beyond the sea” playing. Mulder and Scully go to the prison to meet with Boggs. Mulder gives him a test, he gets a reading and Mulder tells him it was fake. As they leave Boggs starts to sing the song played at the funeral and Boggs turns into her father and says “Did you get my message Starbuck?” She just tells Mulder she’s upset over her father. Scully is driving to the hotel and sees all the things that Boggs talked about. She enters the warehouse and finds everything Boggs described. Scully is in her room and Mulder comes. The family ID’ed the bracelet as belonging to the missing teenage girl. Scully tells Mulder how she actually found the warehouse. They go back to the prison with a fake newspaper saying the kids were found safe. It’s given to Boggs. When he makes his call it’s to Mulder. They are forced to deal with him. He gives them a location and a warning. The girl is found at the location but the assailant takes off in a boat. Mulder gets injured and he’s rushed to the hospital. Liz is able to identify the kidnapper. Scully goes to meet with Boggs one on one and threatens to flip the switch herself on his execution. She gets upset and he says he’ll channel her dad. But it’s a trick. He tells her that the last time he went to the chair he saw his family that he killed and felt their fear. Scully visits Mulder, he doesn’t want Scully to believe Boggs. Scully goes back to Boggs and tells him she got him a deal. He gives her another location, unconvincingly. He tells her he knows she lied. Scully still goes to the location and finds the killer and the male teenager. However, she sees what Boggs told her would be there, but the killer falls to his death. Scully goes back to Boggs and tells him what happened. He asks her to come be his witness tonight at his execution and at that time he’ll give her the message from her father. They take Boggs to the chamber and begin the execution. Scully visits Mulder and they talk.

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