Elementary S02, Ep02 – Solve for X

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Title: Solve for X
Original Air Date: October 3, 2013

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iTunes Elementary, Season 2 – Elementary

Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: I’m not a cop, I’m a consulting detective.

* Sherlock: I want to make sure this person is not trying to take advantage of you.

* Bell: You’re saying a solution would make your company about as useful as a pet rock.

* Joan: So you won’t go for a jog along the river, but you will do sit ups facing a wall at 2am.

* Sherlock: As loathe as I am to admit it, accidents do happen.

Synopsis: A man is robbed by knife. As the robber happily leaves he becomes a witness to a murder. He’s shot dead. Joan goes to a cemetery to visit the patient who died on her table. His son is there; he invites her to lunch. Elsewhere, Sherlock shows up to a crime scene. It’s a murdered math tutor. The mugger was the second murder at the scene. Sherlock notices the walls are all white, no decorations. He sniffs them and then announces they need a black light. He finds one, turns it on and it reveals equations all over the walls. Joan and the patient’s son go to a diner. He tries to use guilt over his dad’s death to get Joan to give him money for a bar. Joan arrives at the brownstone and finds a shirtless man looking at math. In the kitchen Sherlock gives Joan background on him. Joan asks for an advance of $5,000. They hear a shout that the math has been solved. The math is “P versus NP” and this math has come very close to solving it. There is prize of $1 million for solving it. He leads them to Tanya Barret for research on this math problem. They meet with her and she provides information about mathematicians who do this kind of math. Cyrill is the person who was working with him. He calls Bell, but it’s too late, Cyrill has been murdered. Sherlock and Joan go to the morgue to look at both bodies. There was dog hair from a Boston terrier on the second body. Joan brings up the advance again. However, Sherlock draws a link between her dead patient and this loan. He discusses how often she visits his grave. Joan finally tells Sherlock about the patient and how he died. She nicked an artery and he bled out nearly instantly. She was sued and it was horrible. His son wrote her a letter that meant a lot to her. Bell calls and they head to Cyrill’s apartment. Bell found a bug in the man’s apartment. He notices a camera, climbs a taxi and checks the camera. He removes the jumper and Bell traces it to Roe Encryption. He admits he was monitoring him. They were worried about him solving that problem. A correct proof would allow encryption to be broken. He approached Cyrill to offer him payment for a solution so that he could build software to defeat it. He leads them back to Tanya Barrett. They bring her into the station. According to her they were only 1/3rd of the way through the problem. Sherlock asks about her Boston Terrier. Both her gun and dog fur were at the scene. She claims her gun was stolen. She provides dinner with a friend as an alibi. Bell gets the security footage. Her alibi appears solid. Back at the brownstone at 2am Sherlock is upset because her alibi has been confirmed. Sherlock also informs Joan that he will advance her the $5,000 requested. She follows him into the kitchen with the box and is shocked it contains over $20,000. Sherlock goes to talk to Tanya again and leads her to believe that she is being framed. It could be her ex-boyfriend. She sends them to Sherlock. They bring the boyfriend into the station for questioning. He denies sending any of the emails. The other shooting victim wakes up and they head over to get him to ID the shooter. He tells them it’s a woman. He identifies Tanya Barrett as his shooter. The evidence is reanalyzed and it is confirmed that the dog dna is a match to Tanya Barret’s dog. Joan notices that the beers are only $2.50 each. She figures out the tape has been altered. Sherlock and company show up at Barrett’s class. They lay out that fact that she already solved the math problem and was quietly using it. She had to take the other two out because they were very close to solving it. Her programmer gave her up completely. Joan meets with Joey. She offers him a new scholarship to finish his degree. He won’t do school and gets upset and turns on her. Back at the brownstone Joan arrives to see him looking over the math. The NSA is now going to take over Tanya Barrett. Sherlock tells Joan he’d like to go with her to the cemetery next time she goes to visit her patient. He wants to pay his respects. She looks shocked but accepts.

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