Elementary S02, Ep01 – Step Nine

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Step Nine
Original Air Date: September 26, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: You’ve been tending to your self-defense, well done.

* Sherlock: I’m not slipping; I’ve just grown more courteous.

* Joan: Well, the inside of your brain is kind of boring.

* Joan: Frankly I’m more interested in the fact that you never mentioned that you had a brother!!

* Sherlock: I did you a favor.
Mycroft: You did what you wanted, just like you always do.

* Joan: I don’t put up with him. We get along basically. He’s a friend.

* Mycroft: Sherlock doesn’t have friends.
Joan: Yesterday I would have told you he doesn’t have a brother, but he does.

* Sherlock: You are attracted to Mycroft.
Joan: Uh, no, I’m not.

* Sherlock: LeStrade was right. Lawrence Pendry did kill his wife and I know exactly how he did it.

* Mycroft: I want to know how you did it. I want to know how does one become Sherlock Holmes’s friend.

* Sherlock: Art in the blood Watson takes the strangest forms.

Synopsis: A funeral (in Britain) is interrupted rudely by the ex-Scotland Yard Detective that Sherlock use to work with. Joan gets a text from Sherlock to meet her in a park. He informs her that he has solved part of the case they are working on. Messages are being sent via carrier pigeons. They apprehend the guy who was receiving it. Sherlock gets a call from Great Britain. He informs Joan they are heading to London. At the brownstone Sherlock gives Joan the rundown on his history at Scotland Yard. The duo arrive at the New Scotland Yard. The DCI gives Sherlock and Watson the rundown on a case that was LeStrade’s undoing. He also informs the two of LeStrade’s antics at the funeral. Sherlock takes Joan to 221B, but they are surprised because someone else is living there. Joan is surprised by Mycroft Holmes. Sherlock becomes quite upset because he does not know where his belongings are. Mycroft then tells Joan that Sherlock had an affair with his fiancé. Joan stays at the apartment to deal with her jet lag and Sherlock goes after LeStrade. He locates him in a bar. Their conversation doesn’t go very well. LeStrade wants to work with Sherlock one more time to solve this case. Back at 221B Sherlock and Mycroft chat in the kitchen. Sherlock texts Joan to meet him at abandoned theater. He introduces Joan and LeStrade. Sherlock discusses the case and the milk in the fridge that should not be. He also shows her some masks with one not lined up correctly. They go to visit Pendry under a guise. He is able to examine the mask and determines the nail was used as a firing pen. Back at the theater Sherlock informs LeStrade that the gun was 3D printed and melted in acetone to look like milk. They leave and head to a public plaza. Sherlock stands in front of one and uses signs to transmit a message. They argue while waiting. Someone bumps into Joan but it’s the information they were asking for. Joan goes to meet Mycroft at his restaurant. He admits he lies about how he lost weight. She then tells him he was sick and had a bone marrow transplant. He is jealous that Joan is Sherlock’s friend. Sherlock meets up with LeStrade with the list of 3D printers. He finds a connection. The two go to visit the connection. LeStrade breaks down the apartment door and finds the man dead. Joan arrives as well and analyzes the scene. She points out some incongruities. The information they gather allows them to search Pendry’s house. They lay out what happened. Pendry is nailed for two murders. Back at 221B Sherlock receives a text from Mycroft to meet him. He informs him he stored his stuff. They have a strange conversation. Mycroft blows up his possessions and then tells him he forgives him.

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