Elementary S01, Ep23-24 -The Woman & Heroine

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 23 & 24
Title: The Woman & Heroine
Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: I see. And some of these other paintings are “preserved” as well.

* Irene: You’re not boring at all are you?
Sherlock: I make every effort not to be.

* Sherlock: A game with proper stakes then.

* Sherlock: It’s odd to hear that man wonder why this happened to Irene. It was because of me.

* Sherlock: I won’t be consulting on Irene’s case.
Joan: Do you really want to sit this one out?

* Bell (about Joan): Feels just like having Holmes here, doesn’t it?

* Irene: People don’t treasure things anymore, you should try it.

* Irene: You were broken, you fixed yourself. If the great Sherlock Holmes can do it. You give me hope.

* Sherlock (to Moriarty): I have as much in common with you as a dung beetle.

* Irene: Please for your own good. Let me win.

* Sherlock: I actually found the truth quite liberating. I’ve wanted the answers to Irene’s murder for a long time. Now I have them.

* Bell: A good thing? Must be some interesting math you’re doing.
Sherlock: Well, I’ve never had a nemesis before. I mean not a proper one. Quite looking forward to it.

* Joan: So you’re running an underground railroad for endangered species.

* Irene: You’re not afraid of me.
Joan: Too angry to be afraid.

* Joan: Let’s say we go stop this bitch.

* Irene: You surprised me. You’re the only person on the planet who can.
Sherlock: That’s why you love me isn’t it?

* Sherlock: We both made the same mistake. We fell in love. It made us stupid.

* Sherlock: You said there was only one person in the world who could surprise you. Turns out there’s two.

* Sherlock: Allow me to introduce you to Euglassia Watsonia.
Joan: You named a bee after me?

Synopsis: Sherlock embraces Irene. Flashback, London 2 years ago. Sherlock meets Irene at her studio regarding authenticating paintings. She confirms they are forgeries. Sherlock takes in her work. He asks her about an original painting she still has. He asks her out. Back in New York, present day, Irene is in the hospital. Joan tries to comfort Sherlock. The doctor tells them she is suffering from PTSD. Sherlock feels guilty and believes he is why Irene is in the state she’s in. Joan and Sherlock decide they will help her and also find out who did this to her. Irene is released and they bring her to the brownstone. Joan meets the Captain at the location where they found Irene to investigate. They go through the studio. Joan finds a rare paint pigment. It could lead to Irene’s captor. Flashback, London 2 years ago. Sherlock goes to see Irene again. They have philosophical conversation regarding their one day together. He refuses to be put off. He convinces her and takes her to the underground tunnels. He shows her a tunnel he discovered. It’s a canal, the walls are adorned with prayer tablets. Back to New York. Irene screamed and Sherlock comes running. Joan comes home. Joan gets a call from the Captain. The paint was a winner. It was bought by a Mr. Proctor. Captain and Det. Bell go to speak with him. His brother is protective. He admits to buying paints and brushes, but for his brother, not Irene. Gunshots ring out in the house. It’s the brother, Isaac Proctor. They bring Irene in to see and hear the brother who bought the paint. She says it’s not him. Isaac is at a hotel. At the brownstone Irene watches tv and Sherlock watches her. Flashback London 22 months ago. Sherlock and Irene are in bed. He is looking at a crime scene photo, but them puts it down. He notices her birth mark, it resembles a constellation. He talks about her work and her new project. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock is still watching over her. Irene asks what his life has been life since. He admits that after he thought he lost her he was broken and his drug use spiraled out of control. Irene heads to her room. She screams. There are flowers on her pillow. Flashback, London 22 months ago. Sherlock is invited by Irene to come and see her new original work. When Sherlock arrives he finds a pool of blood and a note. Back in New York Sherlock takes Irene to a safe house. Sherlock tells Irene that he will have to send her someplace where she can be safe until he has dealt with Moriarty and then he shall find her. At the station Joan, Gregson and Bell look at the video footage from the brownstone. Isaac Proctor delivered the flowers. Holmes calls in. Joan gets a text and meets Sherlock in one of the interview rooms. Joan brings Sherlock up to date on what she has found out on her side. Sherlock informs Joan that he will be leaving with Irene and that he has come to say goodbye. Joan is quite upset. Isaac goes to meet with Moriarty and he prevents himself getting killed. Sherlock returns to the safe house. He tells her his plan. When she changes clothes he notices that her birth mark is not there anymore. He freaks out and she tries reassure him. They fight and she storms out. Sherlock returns to the brownstone where Isaac shoots him. He gets away and gets upstairs and barricades himself in his tv room. Isaac reveals Moriarty is a she. Two shots ring out and Isaac is killed. Irene walks in…she is Moriarty. Sherlock asks why? He thinks he must have interrupted a plan of hers. Turns out it was several plans. She compares them, they are alike to her. Their relationship was an experiment. He deduces she returned to him because he was interfering in at least one of her plots again. She levels quite a threat at him. She leaves and he passes out. Joan arrives at the brownstone and he has Joan remove the bullet. Joan and he get to work. At the morgue Sherlock and Joan explain to Captain Gregson Moriarty. They are zeroing in on the SpeakEasy. Sherlock notices some modified cell phones. They came from two men found shot in the morgue. Sherlock finds the encrypted text message on the phone proving its Moriarty’s men and decodes it. Gregson wants to pull Sherlock but Joan asks him to let him keep working. She’ll step in if need be. Sherlock has cracked the message, it’s a cargo ship that is due in port this evening. Bell, Sherlock and Joan stake out the boat. Joan goes to get food. While gone Bell expresses his concern. Night falls and the ship is now unloaded. As they prepare to leave two suspicious vehicles pull up. They surround the van with a smuggled crate. However, the crate contains two smuggled Lemurs. They interrogate the boat owner. He says he got them for his daughter. He rescued them from poachers. Sherlock wants to head out to the daughters immediately but Joan demands to check his wound. While tending his wound Joan gets a call from her brother that her mother fell. As Joan heads to check on her mother she is intercepted by Moriarty. They lunch at an expensive restaurant. The ship is mentioned. Bell and Sherlock arrive at the daughter’s house to confirm what they were told. In the kitchen Sherlock goes through the cabinets in the kitchen. He discovers a medication that belongs to the wife. It hasn’t been taken in a week. The husband admits his wife was kidnapped. The kidnappers might be the two men in the morgue. Sherlock sees a vial of vicodine bottle in the cabinet and puts it down when Joan calls. Back at the prescient Sherlock is upset that Moriarty had a meeting with Joan. The cargo ship owner is also on the run, and he’s also Moriarty’ s victim. Bell also lets them know that Theopolis was in contact with Moriarty. Now they meet face to face. She gives him a gun and wants him to kill someone with it. The next day Joan comes down to hear Sherlock sceaming. He’s hitting himself in the bullet wound to stay away. However, he has deduced Moriarty’s plan. It comes down to money. The soon to be murder victim gets a call from Captain Gregson warning him. His security man lets Theoplis in to kill him. Both are shot twice. He gets a call that his daughter is safe back at the farm. Then he is killed. At the precinct the security guy acts like he tried to save them. However, Sherlock enters and tells them all what really happened. The man takes a swing at Sherlock and all hell breaks loose. Sherlock and Joan get heated. He admits to her that he almost stole drugs yesterday but he did not because of her. Joan suggests that Sherlock lets Moriarty win. Sherlock returns to the brownstone. Captain Gregson calls Bell. Sherlock may have beat up a drug dealer and stole drugs. Bell breaks into the bathroom and finds Holmes has overdosed. In his room at the hospital Moriarty shows up. They discuss all of the days criminal activities that she masterminded. She offers to help him. She tells him that his sensitivities also cause him great pain. She invites him to come with her that night out of the country, so she can put him back together. Sherlock informs Moriarty that Joan solved her. Then Sherlock lets her in on a little secret, he faked the overdose. She sits there shocked and Joan and the Captain come in and arrest her. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is on the roof looking at his bees. Joan comes up and lets her know that the confession was good per Gregson. Sherlock reminds Joan of the bee in the box. However, it has happened. It will be an entirely new species and it’s about to hatch. It’s his job to name it. He tells her it is called “Euglassia Watsonia.” Joan is shocked that he named a bee after her. They sit together and watch them all hatch.

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