The X Files S01, Ep12 – Fire

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Fire
Original Air Date: December 17, 1993

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Mulder, you just keep unfolding like a flower.

* Mulder: Sooner or later a man’s gotta face his demons.

* Mulder: I’m cursed with a photographic memory.

* Mulder: Oh yeah, I’ll be fine. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Synopsis: 70 miles outside of London a husband leaves for work. As he waves goodbye his arm ignites. The fire spreads over his whole body. Back in the states Mulder and Scully find a cassette tape in the car. They play it and it tells them about a case. While listening to the tape one of Mulders old partners from Scotland Yard scares them both. She needs their help though. She tells them about a new arsonist but they can’t figure out how the fires are being lit. The inspector leaves and Mulder tells Scully about their relationship. She teases him a little. The inspector and Mulder show photos of the arsons to the FBI’s arson expert. He’s very intrigued. Next we see a home on Cape Cod. It appears the walls are being painted with rocket fuel. Outside the dog digs up the body of the read caretaker, who is dead. Mulder and Scully are back at the office. Mulder admits to Scully that he hates fire, the inspector knows it and she is playing games with him. Back in Cape Cod the caretaker is peeping on the lady of the house. He walks around to hear their driver coughing. The caretaker goes into town and stops at a bar and he sets it on fire. Mulder and the Inspector go to the hospital to speak to one of the women that was at the bar. When they go back to talk to the witness again she recalls he had an English accent. Scully is hard at work in their office profiling this arsonist. Back at Cape Cod Bob impresses the two kids. Scully goes to speak with the arson expert. Back at Cape Cod the lady of the house asks Bob to drive them into Boston for a party. Scully delves more deeply into the mind of the unsub. Mulder heads to the hotel. Scully calls Mulder to him know she has some suspects and will be heading to Boston to meet him. Bob drives the family to the party. Scully arrives to find the two dancing and doesn’t interrupt…until a fire breaks out on the 14th floor. Mulder goes up 14 flights of stairs. Once on the floor he hears the kids yelling for help, but the smoke, flames and heat or overwhelming. Bob rescues the kids. Scully tends to Mulder who is suffering from major smoke inhalation. Scully shows Mulder what she has found. She discovered a Cecil Lively who was on employed by two of the victims. But he died in 1971. Now somehow he’s in the states. Meanwhile, Scully requests a composite of an arson suspect and sees that its Bob. Bob is waiting in the house when Mulder arrives. He catches the inspector kissing someone else’s’ husband. Scully arrives at the house and informs Mulder it’s the driver. They learn it’s not the driver but the caretaker. Mulder and Scully find the missing driver in the bathroom, he’s dead. The house catches fire. Mulder gets everyone out and heads back for the kids. He finds the kids and dog locked in a room. Bob shows up and triggers another fire. The inspector throws accelerant on Bob. Back upstairs Mulder rescues the kids. Outside Bob staggers around, but then starts laughing manically and he goes up in flames. Back at the office Scully scares Mulder. The arson suspect got admitted to the hospital with 5th and 6th degree burns. He’s actually healing and should recover in as little as a month.

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