Elementary S01, Ep22 – Risk Management

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Risk Management
Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: So you’re a pimp and the assassins are your girls.

* Sherlock: I assure you the work that we do is quite real.

* Sherlock: There’s more to this than meets the eye.

* Sherlock: I’m curious, how do you feel since you killed Wallace Rourke?

* Joan: He probably thought you were part of the conspiracy.
Sherlock: I guess in a sense I am.

* Joan: Moriarty, as you so eloquently put it, is an assassin.

* Joan: Can’t you just answer a question like a normal human being?

* Joan: There are ways to hurt you that do not involve hurting you.

* Sherlock: I don’t want to believe anything. I want to make sense of this.

* Joan: So now that we have the whole truth why do I feel so lousy?

* Sherlock: Most puzzles I see from the outside and it gives me a sense of clarity. I’m right in the center of this one and it has blurred my vision to say the least.

Synopsis: It picks up where the previous episode ended, Sherlock is on the phone with “Moriarty.” He wants Sherlock to bring a killer to justice and when he does he’ll give Sherlock all the answers he needs. Sherlock gets to work on the case. Joan freaks out. The two go over the case at the precinct. Watson gets called to Gregson’s office. He has a job offer for her as a sober companion for one of his friend’s daughters. She turns it down but will provide him with some other candidates. Sherlock and Joan visit with the wife of the deceased whose murder he is looking into. They borrow his possessions to get a better idea of who he is. Joan goes over the autopsy report at the brownstone. She concludes that he was not in motion when he was stabbed. Sherlock determines he was immobilized by a single blow. They head to the kitchen for food. Joan asks Sherlock what Irene was like. He tells Joan about her. While talking about Irene he discovers that the dead man’s cell phone did not come from a cell distributor. The duo head off to visit a security firm. They ask about Wallace Rourke and why they were tracking them. The owner admits they looked into Rourke based on some threats he made, but did not believe him to be a threat. Sherlock deduces that the man running the firm committed the murder. He wrote a book about his life. In the book his sister’s murder is discussed. Rourke looks like the murderer. Based on the facts at hand, Rourke could be the murderer. Sherlock meets with Sutter in a park. Sherlock confronts him about the murder of Rourke. He tells Sutter to sweep his office for bugs. Joan confronts Gregson at the precinct about the sober companion. He explains that he is concerned about her safety. Bell interrupts; Sutter has arrived to confess to Rourke’s murder. Now Sherlock awaits Moriarty’s call for his answers. At the brownstone Moriarty finally calls. There is a twist he also wants the truth about Sutter’s sister’s murder. Sherlock continues to investigate and gets only circumstantial evidence. They argue the finer points. Joan poses quite a few questions about Moriarty that are on point. She thinly speaks of safety and he promises that he will protect her. Sherlock heads off to see Mr. Sutter and Joan to Mrs. Sutter. Sherlock has no success. Joan at least makes a little headway with Mrs. Sutter. Sherlock and Watson update each other on the case at the brownstone. He shares his frustration with Joan. He knocked over the evidence board, but as Joan picks up what’s fallen she notices something. Joan brings a new idea to the table. What if the murder was set up by Mrs. Sutter to give him closure? They go back to see Mrs. Sutter along with Det. Bell and Gregson. They informed her that they pulled her prints off Joan’s phone and Mrs. Sutter’s prints match the prints left at the scene of the sister’s murder. She was at the house when she was murdered not Sutter. She saw the killer. She and Sutter were having an affair while she was still married. The four lay it all out for her. She lays out the full story for them, including his near suicide. They arrest her. Sherlock goes back to see Mr. Sutter and tells him all that has happened. Moriarty calls Sherlock but when Joan calls he lies to her about that. He goes to the address that Moriarty texted him instead. It’s a large house. Joan shows up, she’s been tracking him. After a confrontation between the two, they enter the property. He turns the key in the front door and they enter. A search reveals an artist’s studio. Sherlock recognizes the work. Then he recognizes the woman painting and through his tears and emotion tells Joan its Irene. He calls her name…

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