Bones S01, Ep12 – The Superhero in the Alley

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: The Superhero in the Alley
Original Air Date: February 8, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Every family has its secrets Bones.

* Bones: Booth, are you nerd?

* Bones: I don’t like to judge an entire subculture but those people gave me the creeps.

* Booth: They’re so delusional they don’t even know they committed a crime.

* Bones: So what you’re saying is that reality falls far, far short of the fictional.

* Bones: He wanted to make a difference in the world before he died. I told you he was more like you than me.

Synopsis: Everyone meets up at the scene. The body is in some kind of suit. Back at the lab Hodgins tells them the victim had a comic book. They determine he was dropped from the building after he died to cover up a murder. Once they identify the victim Booth and Bones go to notify the parents. His room is in homage to comic books. His father tells them that they got him a job at the bowling alley. Bones gets a text from Zack, the boy’s bones were broken and he has defensive wounds. They find the Citizen 14 comic book. Angela analyzes the comic book, it was a prototype. Booth and Bones go to the comic shop and find a group of Warren’s friends on the roof. Only Blue Minnow is upset that Warren is dead. Dr. Goodman goes through the comic book writing. Bones reexamines the body while Zack warbles on about comic books. She determines cause of death, stab wound to the neck. Goodman finishes his analysis of the comic book series. He is clearly in love with someone who he can’t have. She’s in a bad situation and he wants to be the hero and rescue her. They interview Blue Minnow. She gives them insight into Warren’s character. At the Angela-tron Warren’s death is recreated. Zack cleaned the bones, but now there is damage to the bones. Zack believes the victim was sick. The duo head to the bowling alley to investigate and Booth plans to bowl. They meet the owner and his wife. Zack calls Bones to tell her about Warren’s condition, even if he hadn’t been murdered he would have already died. His cancer was back. They break the news to his mom and stepdad. Booth thinks that because Warren knew he was going to die and therefore wanted to do something. Bones realizes that Warren wrote the comics, but someone else drew them. The artist was Stu Ellis who happens to own the comic book shop. Back at the lab, Zack found an extra bone; they go to work to figure it out. They surmise that the extra bone could be from his murderer. Booth arrives and gets updated. Bones draws a comparison between her and Warren. She gets an idea. They head back to the bowling alley. Bones asks Mrs. McGrudor how she was injured. Bones believes that she’s getting beaten by her husband. They are the comic book characters. At the lab Zack lets them know the bone is from a white male in his 30s. Angela uses her Angela-tron to recreate the weapons Citizen 14 uses. Booth figures out what was used to kill Warren. Bones and Booth go back to the bowling alley. The husband and wife are there. She turns over the bevel knife to Bones. Bones finds the matching wound on Mr. McGrudor’s arm. He tries to take a swing at Bones but winds up getting arrested for murder. The two speak with Mrs. MdGrudor and tell her about Warren wanting to rescue her and how he died trying to do so. We see Angela inking a comic book. Then cut to Warren’s funeral. Angela comes to the funeral and gives the comic book she drew to Bones. Bones in turn gives it to Mrs. McGrudor. She places it on top of the casket.

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