Elementary S01, Ep21 – A Landmark Story

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: A Landmark Story
Original Air Date: May 2, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Am I thick? You are the one stuck in a straightjacket.

* Sherlock: You are no longer required to play hall monitor to my impulses.

* Joan: So you prove you’re reasonable by asking me to commit a felony.

* Sherlock: That’s quite lovely. You really are skilled Watson.
Joan: No, I am dissecting a body in the middle of the night. We are not having a moment.

* Joan: Did we quit the Vanderhoff case when I was asleep?

* Sherlock: Mr. Bowman’s skull was crushed by a falling air conditioning unit?

* Sherlock: The best way to keep this woman safe is to find out how to kill her.

* Joan: You think he’s planning a murder by bee?

* Joan: Great. So we get to stake out a hive of killer bees.

* Sherlock: The thing that is different about me, empirically speaking, is you.
Joan: That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

Synopsis: An older man takes notes in his notebook. He then runs a program on his computer that messes with another man’s pacemaker. He tells the man to cast a ballot to revoke and then he will be on his way. The man votes to revoke. But then his pacemaker is set off to simulate a heart attack. At a prison we see the man that Sherlock caught. He is clearly in charge at the prison. Back at the brownstone Sherlock screams and Joan comes down stairs to find him in a straightjacket. He’s dislocated his shoulder too. Joan puts it back in for him. Sebastian wants to meet with Sherlock. Sherlock meets him and they discuss Moriarty. He has the guard give Sherlock an article about a death. A death he believes was done by Moriarty. It was a hit because he was supposed to kill him before he got caught. In Captain Gregson’s office they discuss what he did to the guard (killed him). Joan pulls him aside because she thinks he is lying. He shows her the article and tells her that Moriarty ordered his death. An autopsy was not done but he knows the mortuary. They break into the mortuary. Sherlock and Joan determine that he did not have a heart attack. He convinces her to perform an autopsy. She determines his blood boiled. Back at the brownstone Sherlock believes he was murdered because someone hacked the pacemaker. The next day Sherlock goes on a longwinded speech regarding prohibition and speakeasies. This leads to a property that has attempted to get its landmark status revoked. The last thing that Vanderhoff did before he died was change his vote on the speakeasy. The man who murdered Vanderhoff is now in an apartment with a window air conditioner. He drops it on a man as he walks by. Back at the brownstone an air conditioning unit zips past Joan’s window. Sherlock has proven it’s quite easy to time the drop of an air conditioning unit on someone’s head. Sherlock is now convinced that they are after a man who commits creative murders. He has also determined there is one living Taggert left and she is a lawyer who is bent on saving the Taggert Speakeasy Museum. She is the next target. The pair follows her to a park where she jogs at. Joan notices a medical alert bracelet. Sherlock spots an Africanized Honeybee. He states that it is simply a very aggressive bee. He finds a new hive of them along with a food source. They are located very near where she jogs. They stake it out as the food supply is getting low. Later that evening they munch on some food while they chat. Sherlock spots the murderer and then tazes him. He comes to in the brownstone. He’s tied up and in the straightjacket. Sherlock and Joan interrogate him. The murderer disappoints Sherlock because he knows nothing about Moriarty. He has committed 31 murders for him. But they have only communicated via phone and text. He does tell Sherlock that he was given orders to kill Sherlock, but the job was cancelled. Sherlock has a meet set up now with the murderers boss. They stake out the meet and one guy speeds off, they follow. The meet takes place on the other side of some railroad tracks and Sherlock snaps a lot of photos. He cuts the photos into strips and assembles a complete picture of the boss. The man is John Douglas. Sherlock does not believe he goes by his own name. The next morning Sherlock leaves a note for Watson that he’s gone to see him. They speak. John tells him he knows what happened. But before they can discuss it more he is shot dead through the window. Gregson arrives on the scene. Joan shows up as well. They do turn the murderer they caught over to Gregson. A new text comes in on the phone, but it can’t be read. Sherlock takes it to Moran. Moran decodes it but tells Sherlock he doesn’t know what it says. He becomes agitated. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is trying to crack the cypher. Joan actually cracks it. The time the message is received is the cypher. Back at the jail Moran is singing in his cell. He walks to the mirror. He begins smashing his head against the mirror. He did it to save his sisters life. Now Gotlieb’s phone rings, Sherlock answers it on speaker.

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