Elementary S01, Ep20 – Dead Man’s Switch

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: Dead Man’s Switch
Original Air Date: April 25, 2013

Guest Stars:
Ato Essandoh: Alfredo Llamosa
Thomas Jay Ryan: Ken Whitman
Wayne Duvall: Duke Landers
Joseph Siravo: Anthony Pistone
Tom Guiry: Brent Garvey (as Thomas Guiry)
Russell G. Jones: Attorney
David Mogentale: Charles Augustus Milverton
Randy Louis Swiren: Stuart Bloom
Portia Reiners: Eva Whitman
Greg Nutcher: Crime Scene Detective

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: Well he should get himself a real pet, like a beehive.

* Sherlock: It’s possible that I am here to report a murder. Or perhaps I’m just here to seek the council of an investigator I respect and admire.

* Sherlock: I’ve heard that victimizers of children have a rough time in prison. It’s really nice to see it’s not just a rumor.

* Joan: We’re talking about the difference of one day. That does not change what you did in the 364 that followed.

* Sherlock: I’m a man of details. It matters to me.

* Joan: Look at the time. Happy real anniversary.

Synopsis: Joan comes down stairs to find Sherlock tattooing himself. He offers her a tattoo but she declines. She brings up celebrating his one year anniversary of sobriety, but he becomes incensed. Sherlock receives a call from Alfredo and they head to his location. The man they go to help is Alfredo’s sponsor. They discuss a case that the man and his daughter was involved with. He’s being blackmailed regarding that case. Sherlock agrees to take the case. He and Joan stake out who they believe is the blackmailer. He leaves and Sherlock breaks in. He gets into the computer and finds videos and proof of others being blackmailed. Joan warns Sherlock that the blackmailer is returning. Someone else breaks in though as well, forcing Sherlock to hide. Whoever broke in shoots and kills him. He takes the body and laptop. Holmes goes straight to Captain Gregson. Holmes fills him in on everything he’s learned so far. The Captain will not go public about the death in an attempt to find the accomplice and killer without any of the videos being released. Joan is going over the ledger at the brownstone. Joan is concerned about Sherlock witnessing the murder. Sherlock plans to visit Garvey in lock up. He’s not very helpful. He does know about the failsafe though. He was also being blackmailed. The tapes were in his storage locker which he couldn’t pay for. The blackmailer purchased it and its how he got the tapes. Back at the brownstone they continue searching the ledger for information. Alfredo leads them to a new suspect, who isn’t helpful. However Sherlock starts proving he’s a fraud. He admits the truth, he was giving the blackmailer information to use for blackmailing. He says he’s not the failsafe. They return to the brownstone and continue to dig. Sherlock connects a client that was turned out and a reference. Gregson calls, the body was being dumped by the murderer. He is one of the parents of the victimized girls. The death is now officially out. The father officially confesses. Sherlock cannot confirm it was the man who killed the blackmailer as his face was covered. He’s the same build though. Bell informs Sherlock that Zelner can’t be found. Joan calls Sherlock and tells him that the man they are helping just got a new blackmail email. The accomplice, instead of outing all the videos, has taken over the helm of blackmailer. Afredo asks again about Shrelock getting his one year chip. He tells Alfredo that it does not represent success to him, but failure in using drugs. The next morning Sherlock is sitting in a chair in Joan’s room. Once she wakes he tells her more about the new blackmailer. Sherlock tracked specific types of law suits and tracked it back to his real name: Stuart Bloom. They pay him a visit and find the floor covered in cat litter. When they search the house they find him dead in the bath tub. The print on the chest suggests a size 6-8 shoe print. The first blackmailer killed his partner. Back at the brownstone Sherlock brings up the sobriety chips to Joan. He confesses to her that he had a relapse before Joan came into the picture and just before he went to rehab. Milverton’s autopsy report arrives. It does nothing for Sherlock but Joan catches something. They bring the father back in to the station for questioning. Sherlock notices that the scars on his head match the pattern on his ring. The blackmailer cut in the father for a piece to save his own life. They also found the laptop. Sherlock heads over to see Alfredo. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock is adding another tattoo. Joan got him a gift that is very him. He opens it and it clearly touches him. It’s a framed Robert Frost poem.

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