The X Files S01, Ep11 – Eve

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Eve
Original Air Date: December 10, 1993

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: You could say the man was running on empty.

* Scully: Mulder, why would alien beings travel light years to earth in order to play doctor on cattle?

* Mulder: I’m sure Cindy is alive and we’ll find her.
Scully: And then what do we do?

Synopsis: Two joggers see a girl standing by herself and go investigate. The male goes into the yard and finds the father dead on the swing set. At headquarters Scully goes over the autopsy report. Mulder discusses cattle mutilations with her. Mulder thinks this is the first time it’s happened to a human. Mulder and Scully head off to investigate. They talk to Tina. Tina tells them there was red lightning and men from clouds who were after her dad. Scully gets a call. There’s been another incident just like the father in California. Scully reads the autopsy, it’s just about identical. Both deaths happened at the exact same moment. Back to Tina at the shelter. She hears someone walking around and barricades her door. She tries to escape but gets kidnapped. Scully and Mulder head to the Reardon’s and the little girl who opens the door looks exactly like Tina. they ask questions of the mother and she gets mad. The pregnancy was from IVF. Mulder decides to keep an eye on Cindi, to prevent her kidnapping if there is a pattern. Scully goes to the clinic and learns of Dr. Sally Kendricks. She was problematic and altering embryos. She is the link to both pregnancies. Mulder heads over to the marina. He meets with Deep Throat. He informs Mulder of the Litchfield project. It was to create a super soldier. The boys were Adam and the girls Eve. He grants Mulder and Scully permission to visit “Eve 6.” Eve 6 looks exactly like Sally Kendricks. She tells them Sally solved it and knows how to fix it. Mulder realizes Sally was cloning herself. Mulder and Scully continue to watch Cindy’s house. Scully sees the kidnapping through the window. She goes in and get knocked out. Mulder almost catches one of the Eve’s kidnapping Cindy. The put the police on high alert. Kendricks takes her to a hotel and the two meet. Scully gets a call about a sighting. Kendricks discusses with the kids that she was trying to fix the experiment and it clearly did not work. Sally tries to reason with them and fails. However, they kill Sally. They get to the scene and the girls pretend that Sally tried to kill them. Mulder and Scully take the girls. The girls request a bathroom break. One sneaks out and puts the foxglove in the soda. Mulder takes a sip. Once outside Mulder doesnt have his keys. He goes back in to find them and discovers the green residue. He whispers to Scully they killed Sally and they escape. Scully tells Mulder that they did not drink enough to make them sick. They escape and Mulder catches them but some trucker lets them get away. Mulder tricked them and catches them. They each get a cell next to Eve 6, marked Eve 9 and Eve 10. Eve 8 comes to break them out.

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