Ghost Mine S01, Ep01 – Descent Into Darkness

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Descent into Darkness
Original Air Date: January 16, 2013

Patrick Doyle: Paranormal Investigator
Kristen Luman: Paranormal Investigator
Jamol Eli: Himself – Greenhorn
Jay Verburg: Himself – Greenhorn
Larry Overman: Himself – Mine Owner
Stacie Sisk-Overman: Herself – Mine Owner
Jared Anderson: Himself – Heavy Machinery Operator (Buckett)
Edward Griffith: Himself – Job Supervisor (Fast Eddie)
Stan Griffith: Himself – Mine Foreman (Papa Smurf)
Keith Leingang: Himself – Drill Operator (Dingus)
Alexys Overman: Herself – Mine Owners Daughter
Dick Secord Jr.: Himself – Sample Specialist (Greybeard)
Richard Secord Sr.: Himself – Explosives Expert (Duck)

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Amazon Ghost Mine Season 1

iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 1 – Ghost Mine

Favorite Quotes:

* Greybeard: Mines are some of the most haunted places in the world.

* Papa Smurf: A Tommy Knocker, that’s a ghost.

Synopsis: The Crescent Mine is part of Sumpter, Oregon. But it’s had many issues that have kept closing it. It’s the first time the mine has been opened in 80 years. This is the second crew. The first walked off in fear. Stan “Papa Smurf” Griffith is the foreman and he has hand picked a crew. The owner informs the crew that the previous group walked off the job due to paranormal activity. He also tells them he’s brought in two paranormal investigators, Patrick and Kristen. She’s a woman and a redhead and the guys get a little freaked. She calms them by telling them she just wants to make sure they are safe and don’t get hurt. The crew sets up their cabins. Patrick and Kristen set up their monitoring station. While the crew is eating, the mine owner takes Patrick and Kristen on a tour to take baseline readings. During the reading Kristen discusses the theory that quartz can hold energy. If it’s blasted it can release that energy back again, creating a possible haunting. She hears a rumble, but the other two don’t. It happens again and they all hear it. They do a real time EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session. After the session they keep exploring and find a bottle. Kristen removes it to get it analyzed. She explains that entities can attach to items. Kristen heads into town the next day and takes it to the Sumpter Historical Society President. She identifies it as an old whiskey bottle from the early 1900s. They would refill it with water and take it to the mine with them. Toni speaks of miners deaths, suicides and epidemics. Kristen learns of two cemeteries in town for miners. Toni tells her about the Masons. She wonders if there is a connection. Back at the mine the team starts to reopen the mine by rehabbing it. They create a framework at the entrance to give them safe passage into and out of the mine. Once that is complete, Patrick and Kristen head into the mine to lay wire for the digital video recording system. They run into Greybeard and Duck in the mine and it’s a very cold and icy reception. The two miners hastily exit. Later that night the miners sit around the campfire and discuss tramping (walking off). While they are around the campfire Patrick and Kristen head into the mine to investigate and respect the miners wishes. They choose the spot that has had a lot of noise (the first y in the mine). They use a laser grid to make it easy to see if anything walks by and disturbs it. They begin an EVP session. They notice that something is crossing through the laser grid. It goes quiet and they exit the mine. The next day the miners start sampling. However, the sampling is not going well. Patrick and Kristen watch the action from their shack with the DVR system. Duck and Jay are working in the mine and they hear something. Duck makes the decision for them to exit immediately. Patrick and Kristen head to the portal to ask if they are ok. Duck says he heard Tommy Knockers. Patrick and Kristen head in to investigate to figure out what’s going on. They start hearing sounds too and head towards the sounds. They find a cave in that just happened. Patrick wants to stay, but Kristen wants to back out and tell the miners. Patrick does an EMF sweep and it’s high. Something else falls but then they hear footsteps. It’s Papa Smurf and Eddie. They confirm the cave in is fresh and still spitting. Stan makes everyone leave. At the cook shack Jay tells the crew what happened. Stan goes down to talk to Duck, who informs him he is tramping. The next day Stan has a meeting with everyone so Patrick and Kristen can address the crew. They play an EVP from their first sweep with the owner. From their second investigation they show them video of the laser grid with the moving figure. Then they play them an EVP. They all hear two no’s. Then they present from the cave in. There were spikes on the EMF. They also did an EVP and got some sounds. As well as a response to their question, “I’m here.” At this stage they conclude that whatever was there knocked to save their lives. Patrick and Kristen leave and the miners discuss. They get back to work.

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