Elementary S01, Ep18 – Deja Vu All Over Again

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: Deja Vu All Over Again
Original Air Date: March 14, 2013

Guest Stars:
Josh Hamilton: Drew Gardner
Jim True-Frost: Anson Samuels
Ato Essandoh: Alfredo Llamosa
Geneva Carr: Rebecca Burrell
Andre Royo: Thaddeus
Susan Pourfar: Emily Hankins
Roxanna Hope: Callie Burrell
Timothy Sekk: Ken
Victoria Cartagena: Hope
Kenneth Tigar: Philip Armistead
Penny McNamee: Vivian Tully

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: I just have one question. What kind of name is “Sherlock?”

* Sherlock: You’re off his teats now, Watson. You can stop taking his side.

* Sherlock: We find the busker, we find our pusher.

* Sherlock: You were wrong about the trunk. That does not mean you were wrong about the man being a murderer.

* Sherlock: Have I told you how annoying I find self doubt? If you must wallow please do it in the privacy of your own room.

* Joan: I wanna solve this!

* Joan: Maybe A didn’t lead to B. Maybe B lead to A.

Synopsis: We begin with a flashback from six months ago. A woman enters the subway station and is handed a bouquet of flowers while she waits for the train. The man who handed her the flowers walks back and pushes her in front of the oncoming train. Joan is eating with some of her friends. She gets a call for a candidate as her next companion. It’s Sherlock. It’s now present day. Joan is attempting to break into and steal an expensive car as part of her training. Sherlock texts her. He is now annoyed because his father wishes him to do some work for him. They go to meet his father’s client. It turns out to be a missing persons case. A video is played. A female breaks up with her husband. She references the death of the woman on the subway with the flowers. The woman, Callie, has been missing for six months. The lawyer brought Sherlock in because his top investigators have gotten no where. Sherlock decides that this case is going to be Joan’s first solo. He is going to investigate the death of the woman on the subway. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is watching the video of the subway death for clues. This was premeditated. Joan combs through the previous investigations data and sees they were good. The next day Joan goes to visit the husband of the missing woman. She learns she was upset about the subway woman. Joan calls Sherlock after and tells him she thinks he killed her. What he told Joan is exactly what he told the police, word for word. Sherlock tells her about gaslighting. He uses a burner phone to send a text to the husband to spook him. At the police station Sherlock questions a suspect in the subway murder. The subway videos shows this suspect was stalking the victim. He admits he was there when she was murdered and that he filmed it. He shows them the video on his phone of the murder. This video does not show the killers face or the jacket patch either. Sherlock notices the musician. He thinks he knows the pusher. Joan meets her friend at the bar. Emily brings up her mom and how proud she is. Her friends think she has lost it. She is insulted and leaves. Joan meets Alfredo at a self storage unit. The husband is moving the trunk. She sneaks over the SUV to get a look in the trunk. She gets caught by the guard. Joan says she believes his dead wife’s body is in the trunk. The guard makes him open it. The trunk is empty. Joan is in jail and Sherlock visits her. He tells her he’s bailed her out. Sherlock confirmed to her that was the trunk. He had sold it to a collector, even though it was not his to sell. He bought it back to return it to Rebecca. Sherlock and Det. Bell find the busker. The musician took off because he had tried to pick the pocket of the pusher several nights earlier and did not want to be recognized. He was able to identify the patch though. At the precinct Captain Gregson gives Joan an out on her charges. She takes it. Joan goes to visit Rebecca. She notices a picture frame with rotating pictures and she is wearing the jacket with the same patch. She learns the jacket is Drews and that he had a beard at the time of her sisters disappearance. Sherlock now knows that Drew was the pusher. Sherlock’s question is how did A lead to B, but Joan thinks it’s the other way around. They bring Drew back in for questioning about the subway murder. Joan says the video is actually 18 months old not six. It’s from when Callie broke up with him the first time. Callie was referring to a different subway murder than they originally thought. They checked his wife’s email. It was confirmed that the video was 18 months old and not 6 months old. Joan’s friend Emily calls. She just got assigned the story about the murder Joan just solved.

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