The X Files S01, Ep10 – Fallen Angel

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: Fallen Angel
Original Air Date: November 19, 1993

Guest Stars:
Frederick Coffin: Chief Joseph McGrath
Marshall Bell: Colonel Calvin Henderson
Scott Bellis: Max Fenig
Jerry Hardin: Deep Throat
Brent Stait: Corporal Taylor
Alvin Sanders: Deputy Sheriff Jason Wright
Sheila Paterson: Gina Watkins
Tony Pantages: Lt. Fraser
Freda Perry: Mrs. Wright
Michael Rogers: Lt. Griffin
William MacDonald: Dr. Oppenheim (as William McDonald)
Jane MacDougall: Laura Dalton
Kimberly Unger: Karen Koretz

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: We both know what’s out there.

* Mulder: What makes you so sure something’s out there?
Max: The same thing that makes you so sure.

* Scully: Are you saying Max Fenig is an abductee?

* Mulder: No government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.

Synopsis: A deputy happens upon a fire in the forest. The US Space Surveillance Center also picks up a signal. There is no known aircraft that can maneuver like that. The center leader calls for a team to contain the alien. The deputy is killed by the alien. However, we can’t see the alien, it’s invisible. Mulder and Deep Throat chat and he tells Mulder about a program that retrieves crashed alien aircraft called Project Falcon. Mulder goes to the site and finds a laser beam fence around the perimeter. There is a heavy military presence. He sneaks in and see the crash site and some of the space ship. However, he gets caught. Scully arrives and chastises Mulder. He’s put the X Files in jeopardy. She tells Mulder it was a downed Libyan jet carrying a nuclear warhead. Back at the crash site a semi solid creature blasts through the laser perimeter. Mulder’s room has been tossed. They catch Max in his bathroom. Max shows them his trailer. Scully wanders his trailer and finds meds she recognizes. They go to the evacuation shelter to talk to the deputy’s wife. She tells them that she’s been told if she talks about it they’ll withhold her husbands pension. The military team tracks the alien. They surround it without realizing it. It fights back with some blinding light. The men scream. Mulder and Scully talk to the doctor at the hospital who treated the deputy and three fireman. They died of 5th and 6th degree burns. Mulder speaks of a stack of X Files with the same kinds of burns. Several military men are rushed in with burns just like those the previous men died of. Scully looks shocked. Scully is brought in to help. Mulder goes back to the hotel and finds Max in his trailer having a seizure. He hadn’t one in seven years, no since he went on medication. Mulder notices an odd scar behind Max’s ear. It matches X Files. Scully, done at the hospital, shows up at Mulder’s room. All but two died. They have severe burns and are still critical. Mulder believes Max was abducted based on the scar. The alien enters Max’s trailer. Scully and Mulder go to his trailer and find blood on the pillow. Scully is now freaking out about Mulder’s hearing that he’s likely to miss. Max is at the waterfront. Mulder and Scully arrive at the waterfront and find two dead military officers. They hear Max scream and track him down. The military converges on the warehouse with Max as Scully exits it. They are wiring the building to blow up. The alien aproaches. It throws Mulder but doesn’t harm him. He finds Max being suspended in the air in blue light. Max and the alien disappear. Mulder is the only one left in the building. The Colonel has him arrested. Scully appears at the hearing. Mulder is there too, on crutches. His hearing doesn’t go well. The man who led the hearing meets with Deep Throat, but Deep Throat protected Mulder.

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