Elementary S01, Ep17 – Possibility Two

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Title: Possibility Two
Original Air Date: February 21, 2013

Guest Stars:
David Furr: Paul Reeves
Christopher Sieber: Carter Lydon
Albert Jones: Benny Cordero
Jennifer Lim: Natasha Kademan
Gibson Frazier: Raph Keating
Dennis Boutsikaris: Gerald Lydon
Steven Hauck: Crabtree
Michael Izquierdo: Joshua Lydon
Caroline Strong: Ashley Mitchell
Tom Galantich: Brian Watt
Barbara Miluski: Agnieszka

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Frankly, I couldn’t say no to him. It would have felt like denying a dying man his last wish.

* Joan: Well keep staring at the wall. I’m sure it’s hiding there somewhere.

* Sherlock: Amazing, the brain decays but muscle memory remains.
Joan: Gerald Lydon wasn’t the only target. Someone is poisoning these people.

Synopsis: Det. Bell, Sherlock and Joan are on the scene of a murder. Joan assesses the scene but isn’t sure where the suspect ran to. Sherlock agrees, no one left the scene. One is a fake who stole registrations to rob people. As they exit the building the pair is approached by a drive for Gerald Lydon. He explains to them he has dementia and it’s getting worse. He speaks of a rare disease that he has, but he believes he’s being murdered. The disease is heredatary and no one in his family has ever had it. Sherlock doesn’t take the case. Back at the brownstone Joan finds a stack of books outside her door. The doorbell rings and Crabtree has a bee in a box. It’s a rare bee that is nearly extinct. Sherlock begins teaching Joan single stick. The Captain calls Sherlock from Lydon’s house. Apparently, Lydon shot and killed Crabtree. Sherlock decides to help him and takes the bee. They visit the lab who diagnosed Mr. Lydon’s condition. Only about 7 scientists in the world could fabricate the disease, Sherlock requests their names. He is researching them and decides to visit one of them. He is suspicious of an expensive purchase he’s made. It’s cosigned by Lydon’s son. Sherlock gets a text that CAA (Lydon’s condition) can be induced. They go to the lab to meet her and find Natasha murdered in the waiting area. The Captain and Bell arrived. They go over the scene. Sherlock deduces that the blood on a portrait is from the killer and not the victim. Joan is able to come up with the right answer. They question Natasha’s fiancée. Back at the brownstone Sherlock tries to recreate and identify the molecule he was sent. The next morning Joan has solved the puzzle. It’s a man made chemical. It’s a mutagen that triggers CAA. Sherlock sends Joan to the dry cleaners. There is a mix up on the price at the dry cleaners. But she gets the sweaters. At the police station they speak to Benny. Joan complains to Sherlock about the dry cleaner. Sherlock interrupts the interrogation that Benny did not kill her. They visit Lydon’s sons and are terminated. Joan noticed that Carter chewed his nails and snags a pen he chewed on for dna. Sherlock picked his pocket for a comb. They receive a call from Bell, Benny’s DNA matched. Benny believes he’s being set up. Benny provides an alibi. He was recording a blackmail video at the time. Back at the brownstone Joan is confused why the dry cleaning is back at her door. He demands she go back to the same place. Joan is back at the dry cleaners. She notices that the coat from yesterday is in the same spot and that there are a lot of cameras. Joan rushes into the video room and tells him about all the cameras at the dry cleaners but no business. Sherlock is video conferencing with 6 of the geneticists. Her learned that the law enforcement uses only 13 loci in their STR test. DNA can be created. Sherlock had the crime lab do another work up on the blood. It only had the 13 loci the police checked for, there was no other DNA in the sample. Gregson pulls in Natasha’s fiancée. They suspect he made the DNA sample and are searching the lab he used. He has the warrior gene. He believes she was cheating on him. He admits to killing Natasha and faking the blood, but not the CAA mutation. Sherlock tells Joan the name the fiancée gave her does not exist. The names are of two different families, each who has a family member with CAA. The families have no history of CAA, but each family now has a member with it. They visit Mrs. Dunwoody, she clearly has CAA. Sherlock cleans the refrigerator as they go over the case. She posits that victims are being targeted because they are rich and can fund finding a cure. Hence, multiple people were poisoned so the lab has better odds of getting a donation. Natasha was a whistle blower. They bring in Brian Watt for questioning. Sherlock and Joan believes that Mr. Watt has CAA and that is why he started the plan. He’s arrested. Joan comes back to the dry cleaners and takes Bell with her. He has a search warrant. It’s a front for money laundering. Joan returns home and Sherlock is trying to catch the bee. He catches the bee.

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