Elementary S01, Ep16 – Details

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: Details
Original Air Date: February 14, 2013

Guest Stars:
Malcolm Goodwin: Andre Bell
Paula Garcés: Officer Paula Reyes (as Paula Garces)
Anwan Glover: Curtis Bradshaw
Linda Emond: Dr. Candace Reed
Lynda Gravatt: Lenore
Michael Bakkensen: Reporter #1
Matt McGorry: Officer Sam Klecko
Kelvin McGrue: Cronie #1
Shawn McLean: Cronie #2

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: If anything ever happened to you, I’m not sure I could forgive myself.

* Det. Bell: Thank God for bad aim.
Joan: And airbags.

* Sherlock: So you “Caponed” him.

* Joan: Are you sure this sudden new interest in my safety has nothing to do with watching two women engaged in some foxy boxing?

* Joan: In case you haven’t noticed the only person who is hurting me is you.

* Captain: Hey, we’re gonna color inside the lines on this. That way when everything’s over everyone will know you are clean.

* Sherlock: The last thing our investigation needs is a bureaucratic jaunt around the may pole.

* Sherlock: I am better with you. I am sharper. I’m more focused. Difficult to say why exactly. Perhaps in time I’ll solve that as well.

* Sherlock: If that’s not a partial Pergotti boot print I’ll stop throwing tennis balls at you.

* Sherlock: Congratulations on your new career Watson.

* Joan: Just one more thing for this to work. (throws basketball at his head hitting him) Could have been a knife.

Synopsis: Joan arrives home but the light isn’t working. A masked man attacks her. She tries to run and trips. It turns out it’s Sherlock and she hits him. He tells her that he is doing this because she was nearly killed last week and he is concerned and wants to keep her safe. He’s hired some martial arts trainers. Det. Bell is driving home when a car opens fire on him. He flips. At the garage the Captain, Joan and Sherlock examine what’s left of Bell’s car. Sherlock informs Bell that after he learned of the accident he went through his case files and his work is quite impressive and it should be a long suspect list. However, Bell knows who shot at him. They go over Bradshaw’s file. Bell tells them about an officer who planted drugs on him. He tells them that it was Bradshaw’s car. The Captain, Sherlock and Joan pay Mr. Bradshaw a visit to question him about the shooting. He tells them that car was stolen two days ago. Bell goes to visit his brother. His brother offers to ask around about the gun, but Bell does not want him to violate his parole. Back at the brownstone Sherlock goes over the Bradshaw file again. Joan thinks it’s odd that Bradshaw went after Bell himself. Sherlock does another surprise attack. Joan gets her revenge by knocking over is freshly organized locks. A woman gets out on her stoop to yell at a man sitting on her steps. Turns out its Bradshaw and he’s dead. At the scene Sherlock asks Reyes about her boxing gym. Sherlock informs the Captain it appears Bell is being set up. Boot prints that match Bell are at the scene. They visit Bell and he’s not happy. Joan visits her therapist and tells her about what happened when she was held hostage. Her therapist is very concerned and tells her to leave Sherlock. Back at the brownstone Sherlock was blasting music to cover a ballistics examine. Bell meets his brother at his job. His brother got him a name. But Bell is angry. Sherlock texts Bell to meet him at the brownstone. Someone is trying to frame Bell. But the gun was found by Sherlock in Bell’s bathrooms air conditioning vent. It is the murder weapon. It’s turned over to the Captain by Sherlock who said he found it in a dumpster. Sherlock asks Bell how many keys are there to his apartment because it wasn’t forcibly broken into. Bell’s brother comes to the station and Bell questions him like a suspect. It turns out the Bell had given Andre his Pergotti boots. Sherlock and Joan are at Bell’s apartment looking for evidence to help him. The truth comes out that Joan is not on contract anymore. He is happy she stayed. But he knows that she also stayed for herself. He offers her a deal, to stay on as his companion and he will teach her, and call her partner. She stands there shocked. Bell goes to his brothers apartment to apologize. He pushed the door open and finds him shot. Andre wrote a message in blood, “was not Marcus.” Sherlock believes that this attempt on Andre’s life was a second attempt to frame up Marcus Bell. At the hospital Sherlock and Joan keep Bell company. While Bell tells them about his brother she makes the connections that Bell blew the whistle. Bell admits Joan is right. Sherlock now switches focus to the whistle blowing. Captain Bell calls Officer Reyes in. She is the one who did everything they suspect. She was part of the team that was on Bradshaw. The trio lay out the evidence artfully. Sherlock drops a bomb on her. The shoelace eyelets from the boots. In a previous bust Reyes confiscated several weapons but kept them instead of turning them in. She used them to commit the crimes. She’s arrested. Bell visits Andre at the hospital. He apologizes to Andre. Back at the brownstone Sherlock rearranges the locks by date of manufacture. Joan agrees to the partnership and lays out her terms, Sherlock accepts. She concluded by hitting him in the head with a basketball in the manner he’s been hitting her with tennis balls, he smiles.

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