Elementary S01, Ep15 – A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs
Original Air Date: February 7, 2013

Guest Stars:
John Hannah: Rhys Kinlan
Michael Irby: Xande Diaz
Armand Schultz: Derrick Hughes
Allie Gallerani: Emily Grant
Joey Auzenne: Delivery Guy
Herman Chavez: Dominican Painter #1

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: That was a morning of firsts. The first share I’ve ever heard involving a mongoose.

* Joan: I’m going to do you the favor of believing you’re just an idiot.

* Sherlock: Are – are you suggesting that I was a better detective when I was high?

* Joan: Rhys, for what it’s worth, I believe in Sherlock too.

* Sherlock (to Rhys): After today you are never to darken my doorway again. Our friendship has run it’s course. Have I made myself clear?

Synopsis: As a woman drinks water as someone bangs on the door. It’s a delivery driver who wants to charge his phone. She turns him away. Another individual is in the houses and covers her mouth with something and she passes out. A cab driver lets the guy power up his phone. And the man who kidnapped her drags her away in the background. Sherlock is talking at a group meeting, but it’s about a previous case not his addiction. At the brownstone Joan is not amused by his story. Joan goes up to her room and finds another persons stuff in there. He comes naked out of the bathroom and she screams for Sherlock. His name is Rhys and he informs Sherlock that his daughter Emily has been kidnapped. Sherlock clarifies that Rhys is not his friend but his former drug dealer. Joan is concerned that he may relapse. Sherlock tells her she’ll just have to work a little bit harder this week. Joan gets a formal introduction. They all watch the ransom video together. The ransom is $2.2 million dollars. Rhys ran off with that exact amount from the Dominican mob. But he’s spent all of it already. The trio head to Emily’s house to search for clues. Sherlock works his magic and informs him it was done by a single man. He also locates a hand stamp and left no prints. At the club Sherlock has Rhys walk around to see if he recognizes anyone. He spots someone. Sherlock takes a bathroom break. He speaks to an undercover cop. He and the undercover wind up fighting. But the undercover agent tells him during the fight that the cartel did not take the girl. The next day at the brownstone Joan informs Sherlock that he’s going to go to extra meetings this week. Joan heads to the bathroom to grab antiseptic for Sherlock’s cuts and she busts Rhys for doing drugs. Joan levels quite a sobering threat on Rhys. Sherlock found something on Emily’s twitter account. Her stepfather was borrowing money from her. Det. Bell informs Sherlock that he is dead broke. They stake out the stepfathers valet job. Rhys tries to get him to use again to break the case faster. But Sherlock refuses. Joan comes out and realizes something is wrong because the guys did not notice Derrick getting off work. They follow him to an abandoned building. Sherlock explains what’s going on. Joan informs him of the kidnapping and he’s upset. They get back to the brownstone. The cell phone rings and Sherlock takes over. The deadline moves up 12 hours. A gift is left outside the kitchen door. It’s Emily’s finger. Sherlock confirms the finger is Emily’s by matching it’s fingerprint to ones at her house. The finger has a burn on it and it narrows down the building type for Sherlock. He’s cross referenced the building type with Ethiopian restaurants to narrow down the search. Sherlock is concerned about Rhys and asks Joan to check on him. He’s not well and steps out for air. Sherlock analyzes the ransom video again. Rhys comes back and gives him drugs. Sherlock becomes enraged and attacks Rhys. Joan stops the fight and Sherlock storms out. Joan is furious with Rhys. Sherlock is sitting on a bench, he calls his father. He returns to the brownstone. He tells Rhys he borrowed the ransom money from his father to get Emily back. Sherlock is still furious with Rhys. He informs Rhys that their friendship is over and the ransom rids him of Rhys. Sherlock waits at the drop but he becomes suspicious. At the brownstone the undercover agent shows up. At Sherlock’s location three men across the street begin to follow him and they have guns. Sherlock escapes up a fire escape. At the house he’s holding them at gun point. Sherlock and the undercover chat on the phone. Rhys cuts himself and Watson free. Rhys charges the undercover and they fight. Joan whacks him in the head with a bust from the mantle and knocks him out. At the station Det. Bell and Capt. Gregson interrogates the undercover. He lies like a rug. They bring up Holmes theory about where she is being held. Five buildings are being searched. As Sherlock visits Rhys he informs her that Emily is safe. Emily comes rushing in. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is putting the bust back together piece by piece. Joan comes done. Sherlock informs Joan that Rhys offered him cocaine and that was why he threw him into the chair. They head off to a meeting where he will share this story.

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