Elementary S01, Ep14 – The Deductionist

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: The Deductionist
Original Air Date: February 3, 2015

Guest Stars:
Terry Kinney: Martin Ennis
Kari Matchett: Kathryn Drummond
Jessica Hecht: Patricia Ennis
David Wilson Barnes: Cooper
Roger Robinson: Bruce Kushner
Napiera Groves: Sexy Woman #1
Scott Jaeck: Maxwell Krebs
Che Ayende: Vasquez
Whitney Kimball Long: Sophie
Christopher Burns: Detective
Elizabeth Masucci: Sexy Woman #2

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: I’m glad your bust was successful last night, but this place still smells like strippers.

* Sherlock: Her crossing his path was the same as chumming a shark. Yet he chose to leave her alive. He’s sending a message.

* Sherlock: This room represents who he was, but not who he now is.

* Joan: The only thing that anyone can predict with absolute certainly is that people will change. And if they think otherwise they are kidding themselves.

* Sherlock: If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend that you find yourself a new spatula.

Synopsis: Sherlock is entertaining some ladies. They handcuff him to a chair and then proceed to rob him. He then hollers and Det. Bell enters. the next day he’s practicing single stick. An ambulance pulls up to a hospital. It’s delivering a criminal to donate a kidney to his sister. They wheel him in. However, he pops out the IV and does not get the sedation. A nurse notices something is wrong and he kills the operating team and escapes. Joan, Sherlock and the entire police force show up at the hospital. Sherlock recounts his crimes. The scene is quite gruesome. Sherlock informs them he pulled the IV line so that he would not get the anesthetic. Ennis left a message. Outside the profiler and Sherlock have a row about her book. They interview Patricia, Ennis’s sister. Joan goes back to her apartment. The super is there fixing her radiator. He tells her that her apartment was used to film a pornographic film. It was made by her sub-letter. It’s leading to her being evicted. She meets Sherlock at the precinct. He’s staring at the constellation that everyone thinks is a map to Ennis’s next kills. Sherlock is still pissed at Ms. Drummond. Apparently, they had a fling and it ended badly. The captain is not happy with the fighting between Sherlock and Drummond. Ennis walks into a convenience store and pulls a gun on the people in it. He kills everyone but the screaming blonde. He asks her to take his picture with her phone. They all go to the scene. The profile did not work this time. Sherlock concludes it’s a message. Joan confronts her renter about the film. Back at the brownstone. Joan’s figured out why Sherlock doesn’t like Drummond. An article she wrote about Sherlock. She used Sherlock and predicted his drug problems. Back at the station, Captain Gregson is enraged that the profiler has completely failed. Joan believes he’s doing it on purpose to confuse them. Det. Bell runs in to tell them Ennis is on the line. The Captain takes his call. Sherlock joins the call and deduces that Ennis is doing what he is because he disposed Drummond for solving him. He admits he wants to humiliate Drummond. Her lies in the book about him being abused by his father. It resulted in his father killing himself, his mother died within a year. He wants revenge for her destroying his family. All he wants is Kathryn Drummond and he will stop. They find his stash of trophies and all. Sherlock explains he left everything behind to become profile proof. Sherlock calls her out for lying about the sexual abuse. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is still stewing. But Joan demonstrates that that he has changed. That he has even made a friend, Joan. She turns around and finds the pornographic film made at her apartment on the TV. Joan notices something in the film. Next morning Sherlock wakes Joan. Ennis’s sister house get broken into and vandalized. But Joan sees the kitchen and the food. It’s not food someone with kidney problems would eat, it’s just the opposite. Sherlock discovers an empty glass that smells of frankincense. He finds a cupboard full of essential oils. He and Joan deduce she was drinking them. Ingestion of those items causes renal failure. Drummond goes to Ms. Ennis and apologizes. But Ms. Ennis stabs her horrifically. Det. Bell rushes back in the room to find her severely injured. They interview her and learn the story. They get a call from Ennis. Sherlock grabs a radio and tries to replicate the stations he rolled through. Ennis comes back to his hideout to find Sherlock waiting. He’s surprised but impressed with how Sherlock found him. They discuss Ms. Drummond and what she believes will come of both of them. Neither want her to be correct. He gives Ennis a choice between handcuffs and a gun. Ennis goes for the gun and Sherlock whacks him with a stick. He’s then arrested. Joan goes back to her apartment and calls out the super for allowing and taking part in the pornographic movie that was shot in her apartment. And that he broke the law so that her lease would be violated and he could evict her and charge market rat. At the hospital Ms. Drummond should recover. Sherlock also got her a new spatula and toothbrush.

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