Criminal Minds S01, Ep08 – Natural Born Killer

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Natural Born Killer
Original Air Date: November 16, 2005

Guest Stars:
Patrick Kilpatrick: Vincent Perotta
Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia
Gonzalo Menendez: Josh Cramer
Francesco Quinn: Michael Russo
Joseph Sikora: Jimmy Baker (as Joe Sikora)
Val Lauren: Frederick ‘Freddy’ Condore
Larkin Campbell: Detective Brady
Deborah Geffner: Neighbor
Robert Machray: Ray

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough, and liked it, never really care for anything else.” Ernest Hemingway

* Gideon: “The healthy man does not torture others. Generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.” Carl Jung

Synopsis: In a bar in Baltimore an undercover cop gets made by a coworker. They try to cover. He leaves with Freddie and drops him off at his house. Later, a neighbor storms to Freddie’s house as music is blasting. She finds blood on the door knob and the undercover cop runs out, knocking her down. The next day the team arrives. The victims are a husband and wife. It’s a case of massive overkill. Gideon notices that a third victim was killed in the tub and dismembered and removed from the scene. They go over victimology. They conclude that it’s either a professional killer or a pure psychopath. Later that night a guy in a hoodie is going through a garbage can and finds the head. It was found in 7 parts. Garcia’s search has turned up some victims. The commonalities are the way the body has been cut up and the marks on the bones. Another agent comes and blows them off. They continue working the case. The visit the yard where Freddie works and speak to Russo. He receives a warning from Hotch and Morgan. As they search the backgrounds of associates they flag a Jimmy Baker. His criminal history is not probable and doesn’t make sense. They realize it has to be fake. They hit Jimmy Baker’s apartment and realize he is an undercover agent. Jimmy stands on the corner waiting for his meet with his handler and instead gets kidnapped. His handler arrives and Baker is gone. The agent storms into Hotch’s office. He’s not happy that Hotch doesn’t have him and tells him he’s been missing for 12 hours. Jimmy’s target is Michael Russo. Agent Kramer agrees to work with the BAU. We now see Jimmy captive, and his kidnapper. Back at the office, Garcia tells Morgan that she found over 100 cases that match. Morgan informs her that this number is a lot and not all mob hits. He enjoys the killing. Hotch and Morgan visit Michael Russo again and have another chat. They warn him about his rogue hit man. They listen in on Russo and he calls the hit man, Vinny, to come in immediately. He cuts Jimmy several times and leaves him to the rats. They find Vincent Perrotta. However, Garcia can pull up no adult records. At the junkyard they are prepared. Vincent attacks Hotch. They don’t shoot him with a gun but hit him with several tazers instead. They interrogate him. Hotch explains that standard techniques will not work with this guy. He’s got to be made uncomfortable. The evidence from the van is divided up between Garcia, Reid, Elle and Morgan. Gideon introduces himself to Vincent. However, Vincent gets right to the point and starts playing head games. So Gideon plays back. He flips over the board with a lot of photos of his victims. However, Agent Kramer storms in and blows Jimmy’s cover. Now Vincent shuts down completely. Reid and Garcia start going through the tapes, however, they turn out to be video evidence of Vincent’s tortures and kills. Gideon is furious with Kramer and tells him he just got his friend killed. Jimmy comes too and sees and hears rats. They start to climb up his legs and bite him. The tapes have given them a lot more victims, but have also showed his use of rats. Garcia is going over the video sounds. Reid believes the videos are all filmed in the same place. Morgan voices suspicions about Freddie’s murder because that’s how they found Vincent. Hotch realizes the difference is Mrs. DeMarco. The audio reveals an airplane. Hotch talks with Vincent and discusses his childhood and the abuse his father put him through. They are still going through the stuff from the van and check out the food containers. This helps them narrow down Vincent’s home base. Hotch points out to Vincent that he never killed a woman before Mrs. DeMarco. He learns his fathers name was Frank. They narrow down the search to a specific area in Glennburny. Garcia tracked a property to his father’s name. The storm the house and find Jimmy in the basement being eaten alive by rats. Back in the interview Hotch concludes it and Vincent is taken away.

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