The X Files S01, Ep08 – Ice

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Ice
Original Air Date: November 5, 1993

Guest Stars:
Xander Berkeley: Dr. Hodge
Felicity Huffman: Dr. Nancy Da Silva
Steve Hytner: Dr. Denny Murphy
Jeff Kober: Bear
Ken Kirzinger: Richter
Sonny Surowiec: Campbell

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Mulder you may not be who you are.

* Mulder: In here I’ll be safer than you.

* Mulder: It’s still there Scully, 2,000 years in the ice.
Scully: Leave it there.

Synopsis: Icy Cape, Alaska. The base is destroyed and there are dead bodies. One man walks around with a gun. He turns on the radio to call for help. Another man grabs him. They have a stand off and both kill themselves instead of each other. A video is played. It shows an ice core from a new deepest depth. Mulder and Scully are being sent to the base in Alaska to find out what’s going on. At the airport in Alaska they meet a geologist and two more doctors. The pilot arrives and the journey begins. They arrive at the base and find everyone but a dog dead. Mulder finds the ice cores that were drilled. No one notices but it looks like one is leaking. While they go through the base Mulder is attacked by a dog. The pilot tries to help and gets bit. Scully finds black nodules and skin irritation on the dogs neck. They all see something moving under the dogs skin. The pilot fixes his wound in the bathroom and discovers he has black nodules under his arm. Scully’s autopsy’s show the all killed each other and had a fever. Mulder shows the geologist a map. He says that the sheet is about 3000 feet deep. Notes show its double that. Scully found some weird chemicals in the blood tests. A single cell “bug” is in the ice core. They decide to do a parasitic blood and stool test. However, the pilot completely freaks out. He agrees to take the test, but then attacks Mulder and Scully jumps on him to subdue him. They see movement in his neck. The doctor with them cuts into his neck and removes the “creature” from Bear. Mulder calls for help, he’s informed that they are trapped for at least a day. Mulder is informed that Bear died when he joins the group. The creature is in a containment unit. Scully checked the dead bodies again. She found the “worm” in the hypothalamus of the brain. She found one worm still alive and it’s in a containment unit as well. Mulder and Scully talk privately. He thinks it’s a life from brought form another planet because they are over a meteorite strike crater. The doctor accuses Scully of being infected. Mulder tries to calm everyone. They all check each other…no spots. Everyone tries to get some sleep. Something wakes Mulder. The dog has escaped. Mulder hears a dripping. It’s coming from where the cores were stored. He opens the door and Murphy falls out, dead. Full scale paranoia breaks out. Everyone thinks everyone is infected. They put Mulder in solitary. Scully tries to check the back of the neck of the other two. She disarms all the guns so they can’t kill each other with them. A scientific mistake leads to a discovery. The works do not like each other. The way to kill it is it introduce another worm into an already infected host. The two worms will kill each other. They test the theory on the dog. They introduce a worm into his ear. He twitches for a little bit but it worked. The doctor confirms that he passed both worms in his stool and they’re dead. Scully goes to check on Mulder. He’s not infected. He checks her and she is not infected. The other two are completely crazy and attack both of them. But the male sees the other female is the one actually infected and saves Mulder. So they hold her down and put the other worm in her ear. They get evacuated and they all test normal so they can go home. Mulder plans to go back. He’s informed that he can’t because the base was burned to the ground.

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