Elementary S01, Ep13 – The Red Team

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: The Red Team
Original Air Date: January 31, 2013

Guest Stars:
Richard Bekins: Harold Dresden
Michael Laurence: Walter McClenahan
Chris Sullivan: Todd Clarke
Tawny Cypress: Black Suit
Kelly AuCoin: Grey Suit
Linda Emond: Dr. Candace Reed
Clifton Duncan: Uniform #1
Tom Riis Farrell: Gary Sullivan
Philip Hernandez: Carlo Anillo
Robert C. Kirk: Detective Harris
Reese Madigan: Sheldon Frost

Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Consistency is the hobgoblin of the mind.

* Joan: Well, either that was a waste of time or I’m going to be audited every year for the rest of my life.

* Sherlock: You don’t need to trust me to benefit from my intellect.

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Synopsis: Sherlock is obsessing over Irene and Moriarty. He’s going to amuse himself speaking to a conspiracy nut. Joan goes to see her therapist. She is concerned because her contract has expired, but she is still there. Sherlock texts her an address. She meets him there. It’s the conspiracy junkie’s house. Sherlock has found him dead. The police arrive. Det. Bell is not happy. Sherlock notes the belt is a 38 and the murder victim is considerably smaller than that. They peruse his whacky binders. Sherlock is going to take Clyde the tortoise. In his home he finds a hidden bug. Back at the brownstone Sherlock destroys the bug. It cannot be bought by a civilian. One of the binders, titled “Red Team,” is the only thing of any value. It’s a yearly war game done by the military. All results are made public, except 2009, that was immediately classified. Joan goes to the Captain to try and get Sherlock reinstated as a consultant. While there she receives a text from Sherlock and meets him at a care facility. It’s a member of the red team with early onset Alzheimer’s. However, there is no family history. It’s the second member of the red team to fall ill or die. He remembers nothing. Joan believes his spacing out are micro seizures. Sherlock points out that demoic acid (spelling?) poisoning could mimic Alzheimer’s’ symptoms. Sherlock calls Det. Bell and informs him about the poisoning and the red team. But Bell tells him they arrested the killer. Sherlock speaks to the supposed murderer. But the Captain asks him to leave the building. Joan and Sherlock sit outside Ponticorvo’s house to watch for anyone coming back to retrieve remaining bugs. The bug remover comes and they follow him to an office. Sherlock flashes the bug he destroyed in front of the camera and gains admittance. He has an interesting conversation regarding the 2009 red team and that he will not let them all be assassinated. Det. Bell calls Sherlock, he confirms that he was poisoned with the demoic acid. At the precinct the remaining members of the red team meet with Sherlock and the Captain. Back at the house Sherlock is using Clyde as a paperweight. He also found that the man at the empty office is army. They get paid of visit by two agents. The man they met with briefly is dead. Sherlock and Joan are both pulled in for questioning. His alibi clears both of them. The first red team member had his apartment booby trapped with a large assault rifle. All the remaining members but one is now in a safe house. Det. Bell found another member dead. Sherlock goes to the scene and he becomes suspicious the killer might be at the motel with the others. Mr. Dresden openly tries to shoot another member of the team. He takes the officer in his room hostage. Sherlock wants to speak to Mr. Dresden. He understands what’s going on and knows what to say to get him to cooperate. Mr. Dresden lets him in. Sherlock talks to him about the war game and the plan. Then it clicks, his wife’s illness. He was approached regarding the plan. He was told by one person that if he gave them the plan that they could help her. He realized that the temptation would be too great if the price was right. That is why he is killing everyone from the team and will also kill himself. However, Sherlock tells him that he knows the plan and also told a colleague. That the plan is out. Sherlock brings Mr. Dresden out. Sherlock meets the Captain at the designated spot. He takes a punch and is reinstated. Back at the brownstone Sherlock is eating soup. Joan freaks out hoping that Sherlock did not cook Clyde. However, Clyde is fine.

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