Elementary S01, Ep12 – M.

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: M.
Original Air Date: January 10, 2013

Guest Stars:
Vinnie Jones: Sebastian Moran
Bobb’e J. Thompson: Teddy
Marsha Stephanie Blake: Melanie Cullen
Linda Emond: Dr. Candace Reed
Mark Morettini: Uniformed Cop
Gabrielle Senn: Escort

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Reflection is for mirrors. Can’t you just hand me a report card?

* Joan: I didn’t help you stay sober so you could become a murderer.

* Sherlock: You do as your feel you must, Watson. I’ll do the same.

* Sherlock: You made me a shambles of a man, now I’m returning the favor.

* Sherlock: I am not an average man.

Synopsis: A creepy looking dude is watching a soccer game, but he turns it off to set up a tripod. There’s a man tied up on the floor. He hangs him from the tripod. At the brownstone Sherlock has brought some bees in the house. Sherlock is considering turning Joan’s room into an indoor beekeeping room. The Captain calls Sherlock. They go to the scene and there is no body, just blood. Sherlock surmises that the killer is tall and strong. He speaks of the tripod device. Sherlock points out scratches that support it. He’s seen this killer before in London. At the precinct, Sherlock gives the entire crew a rundown, including number of kills: 37. He gives them a rundown of the M.O. Joan is worried about Sherlock, he’s really excited about this case, and that’s not normal. He’s just happy to have a second chance to bring this killer to justice. Captain Gregson wonders if the killer followed Sherlock to New York. Joan goes to her therapist. She’s not very happy with what she is told. At the killers apartment he pays his “companion.” She heads out while he watches a soccer game. He receives a cryptic text message. Joan meets Sherlock at the morgue. The victim has turned up. Joan tells him she will miss working with him, that his work is amazing. He looks shocked. At the brownstone Sherlock informs Joan that it has become a crime scene. He’s left a note. He entered through the back door. After the police leave Sherlock is looking at one of his fathers properties. Joan heads to bed. Sherlock pulls a camera from a book. He watches the video and now knows what M looks like. Out on a street corner M is watching a woman walk her dogs. One of Sherlock’s associates interacts with him. He goes to Sherlock’s house because his phone got broken. Joan and he chat. Sherlock returns through the back door and confronts him with the photo and the camera in a book. He explains that he did not turn the evidence over to the police because he believes M killed Irene Adler. He wants revenge. Irene’s murder is what caused him to lose control and go over the edge with drugs. He thanks her for her 6 weeks, she gave him the tools to do this. He heads off and she calls the Captain. Sherlock surprises his earlier guest. The woman M was watching earlier, her dog starts barking. She finds in the kitchen with a hot dog and she sees there’s been a break in. M grabs her before she can call for help. Joan shows Gregson the photo and he is livid. Joan advises the Captain that if his men can’t find M at his hotel Sherlock may already have him. Sherlock interrupts M mid murder and saves the woman. He’s taken M to an abandoned building and he has some of his bees with him. They discuss Irene, but M informs Sherlock he didn’t do it as he was in jail at the time. It was a copycat. At the hospital they interview the woman Sherlock saved. She noticed her rescuer had powder on her shoes. Joan tells the Captain about a property Sherlock was looking at last night. M tells him he did not know he was in New York. He’s not a serial killer, but an assassin. He tells him his name is Sebastian Moran. Sherlock looks at his phone and finds the code. Mr. Moran tells Sherlock that it was Moriarty who killed Irene. The captain arrives with the cavalry, but they are too late. Sherlock has taken M to the police station. Joan speaks privately with Sherlock. He explains that M believes he’s been wronged and wants to get revenge on whoever threw him over. He confirmed that M did not kill Irene, he was in prison. He’s not doing too well. Joan sits next to him. He tells her he’ll miss her. He tells her what she does is amazing. And apologizes for ruining their last few days together. She’s clearly shaken, she calls Sherlock’s dad to extend her companionship. The next morning he is passed out on the couch. She gets a response back that her stay is not extended. However, she tells Sherlock he agreed and she’ll be staying longer.

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