Criminal Minds S01, Ep07 – The Fox

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: The Fox
Original Air Date: November 9, 2005

Guest Stars:
Neal Jones: Karl Arnold
Tony Todd: Eric Miller
Bonita Friedericy: Dr. Rachel Howard
Abraham Benrubi: Frank Fielding
Meredith Monroe: Haley Hotchner
Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia
Chane’t Johnson: Barbara Raleigh
Sharisse Baker-Bernard: Fay Arnold
Leith M. Burke: Michael Kapp (as Leith Burke)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: With foxes we must play the fox. Ernest Hemingway

Synopsis: A family in their home prepare for a trip. Someone is watching them. The next morning the wife wakes up with her husband taped to a chair and an invader in the house. The team discuss the case and the number of murders in the briefing room. At the most recent scene they walk it and do their analysis. Reid interviews one of the murder victims ex husband and he flips out. Reid does not believe he committed any of the murders. Another murder scene is analyzed. Checking backgrounds on victims they find a phone bill that doesn’t make sense. When they check out the address they find one of the victims brothers. He tells them he saw someone he did not recognize at the table eating with them. He had red hair. We then see another family preparing to go on vacation. Gideon takes a closer look at the drawings done by the kids. They are all in black and white. Also, each husband’s wedding ring is missing. The killer kept those as his trophies. Gideon thinks about counselors. They go to talk to one of the murdered wives jobs. They get confirmation she was seeing a therapist. Garcia tracks down the counseling center with her technical genius. The unsub is still in this last family’s home and is making the little girl paint a picture of the house in black and white. Meanwhile, the team arrives at the counseling center. They learn that Carl Miller was the counselor for all the families. Agents check his house but he is not there. Aaron Hotcher calls Carl’s ex wife. She tells him he is a scary guy and that he called her an hour or so ago not making any sense. Based on that he’s got another family already. They go through the files at the office and determine who his current target it. At the house they use thermal to confirm it’s the right place and it is. The storm the house and the mother informs them he took her baby to the basement. Retrieving the baby does not go smoothly, but they succeed and take Carl into custody. Gideon gets him to confess. They rip up his whole office and find all the husband’s wedding rings, 8 in total.

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