Elementary S01, Ep11 – Dirty Laundry

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Dirty Laundry
Original Air Date: January 3, 2013

Guest Stars:
Jake Weber: Geoffrey Silver
Mark Moses: Oliver Purcell
Melissa Farman: Carly Purcell
Leigh Ann Larkin: Harmony
Cynthia Darlow: Mrs. Dean
Sam Freed: Oliver’s Lawyer
Simon Jutras: French Business Man
Arash Mokhtar: Middle Eastern Diplomat #1
Al Nazemian: Middle Eastern Diplomat #2
Jennifer Regan: Agent Claudia Camden
Shirley Roeca: Estella

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Without Andrew Petri’s reluctance to wash petri dishes we wouldn’t have penicillin.
Joan: Well since the world does, do you have to grow it in your fridge?

* Sherlock: I give you as much credit for solving this case as myself.

* Joan: You going to be ok?
Sherlock: My dear Watson, whenever am I not?

Synopsis: Joan is horrified by Sherlock’s kitchen and it’s lack of cleanliness. In a laundry room women talk in another language, but pause to open a malfunctioning machine. When they open it a dead woman falls out. The victim is Terry Purcell. Sherlock purses a broken pen that left no ink. He points out the drag marks. They got to her office. There is no sign of a robbery. Her house is the next stop. Sherlock offers to continue teaching Joan after her companionship ends. They question the husband. Sherlock points out that Mr. Purcell sleeps on the couch. Sherlock deduces that Mr. Purcell is out of work. In the kitchen Joan and Carly talk. She says a few quotes and Joan realizes she’s in “recovery.” Joan gives her her number in case she needs to talk. Joan spots a neighbor and they get some juicy information. The neighbor has a photo of a man and his license plate. They track him down and question him. Bell gets some information about the hotel Teri ran. It had complaints for working girls. Sherlock and Joan go to Teri’s hotel to track down some of the working girls. Sherlock spots a target. After cornering her they learn that Teri set up the high end call girl operation in the hotel. Captain Gregson gets the same story from all the call girls, that Teri wanted them there. Both are confused and head back to her office for a second look. He discovers a very heavy compact, its hiding a wireless connector. It reveals hidden cameras in 9 rooms. Lots of possible blackmail victims. Sherlock volunteers to watch all the footage. Joan gets a call from Carly. Carly tells her that her mom is not what people thought she was. Sherlock has noticed Teri’s photos are 1gb each, he suspects it’s steganography (sp?). Once the photos are de-crypted they are videos. Sherlock realizes it’s about what the men who stayed there are saying. They all rush to the Purcell house and Sherlock calls him and his wife a spy. When its denied Sherlock points out the Russian customs that they both exhibited. Back at the station Mr. Purcell is in interrogation. Joan is worried about her. Sherlock realizes that all spies have handlers and heads back to Mr. Silver. A colorful confrontation ensues. Gregson calls and tells them that Mr. Purcell is willing to talk. It becomes clear that the daughter did not know. He wanted her to have freedom while Teri wanted their daughter to become a spy. Carly calls Joan during the interrogation. Joan goes to meet her. It turns out she knew her parents were spies, but only for a few days. She confesses to Joan that she killed her mom. At the station she tells the story of getting an acceptance letter to college for soccer. But her mom was not happy and told her she was only allowed to go to Georgetown. That’s when her mother told her the truth. She was to become a second generation spy, as she would be a citizen and have full access. She turned to leave but her mother grabbed her and she shoved her off and she fell against the desk. Mr. Silver arrived and threatened her. They arrest Mr. Silver. Back at the brownstone Sherlock finds Joan working a case. She is looking at it all again to try and help Carly. He presents Teri Purcell’s autopsy report. Teri had a boxers fracture. It triggers an epiphany. Sherlock lays out what happened with Teri’s actual murder. That Mr. Oliver actually murdered her. She defended herself, breaking her hand. And also broke a pen on him. Sherlock points out it’s invisible ink. He was able to find evidence of the ink on Teri with the UV light. Gregson then pulls a shirt from an evidence bag. It’s covered in the invisible ink and has Teri’s hand print in invisible ink. In the hall Joan and Carly talk. On a park bench they discuss the case. He is looking forward to working with her as an equal, but she tells him she has another job.

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